Ceenwes 3 in 1 Electric Razor Nose Hair Trimmer and Beard Trimmer

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  • 【MULTI – FUNCATION RAZOR】3 in 1 men’s electric shavers equipped three detachable heads.Including electric beard razor, nose hair trimmer and sideburns /Hair Trimmer.
  • 【SMOOTH & CLOSE SHAVE】The 3D floating heads automatically adapts to the contours of the face, neck and even the jaw. It adapts to either shaving foam or gel for a smoothie and closer shaving experience.
  • 【WATERPROOF】: Mens razors electric is washable, and use it wet or dry, Enjoy your dry shaving when sitting on sofa, or do a refreshing and comfortable shaving in shower.shaving with soap or cream will gain better shaving results.
  • 【USB CHARGE & MAXLITHIUM POWER】Charge for 2 hour and you’ll get up to 90 minutes of cordless running time, Enjoy convenient charging at home, or on the road. Perfection and convenient for every businessman and travelers.
  • 【LED DISPLAY & TRAVEL LOCK】This electric razor for men has a LED Display that reminds you about the charging status.And you can lock the shaver when you are going to travel, The travel lock prevents the shaver from being switched on by accident.



183 reviews for Ceenwes 3 in 1 Electric Razor Nose Hair Trimmer and Beard Trimmer

  1. Srinath Kannan

    It was just as advertised, cheap and works very well. All attachments provided work proper.

  2. Richard Bryan

    I recently had surgery which left scarring in the area of the surgery. I could no longer use a conventional razor without some injury. This electric razor allows me to safely go over the the scarring without a problem. Thank you for a device that works at such a reasonable price.

  3. Tonja Anderson

    Bought this for my teenage son for his first razor. It’s great!

  4. Racquil broderick

    All three attachments works very well. I will buy this product again. I like the price.

  5. Mike Bonetti

    This product includes many functions in one simple and affordable solution. Battery level is clearly indicated and has sufficient battery life, build quality is solid. I like the lifetime warranty and I feel that the customer experience is excellent. I would purchase this product again and recommend it to others.

  6. Bud Morgan

    I will tell my son in law, but he will have to buy his own. He is in the Air Force and must be neat and clean shaven. I know he will want one after he sees mine.

  7. Sheldon Horst

    this shaver works great i love the 3 different attachments!!

  8. Andy W Compton

    Very usable, compact and travels well I only had it for a week but it’s Great so far

  9. Chen Hu

    Well made, decent multi-finctional shaver. Feels and looks better than the my current Norelco shaver to be replaced. Being Charged through USB is a big convenience. Highly recommended.

  10. Matt Walmsley

    The shaver is a bit hard to use but with a bit of water and repetition is a bit easier

  11. Jose

    Great product. Would recommend to my friends and family. Also very affordable!

  12. Miguel Cervantes

    So far so good. Works well. I like having all the features on one item. Saves on clutter from too many items.

  13. Sheldon Medeiros

    It is great and cuts close to the skin that I like.

  14. Mohamed Abdelrahim

    3 in 1, rechargeable and waterproof. Also I loved the traveling lock features. Very useful for camping .

  15. Peter Feldman

    The first shaver I ordered would not charge; it was easily and quickly replaced and the new one is working well. I love the multiple functions, but the head easily separates from the body if I apply any pressure while shaving. This causes the head to go crashing down on the ground, and I fear it will shatter and break one of these times.

  16. arnold perez

    Pretty good functionality and features for the price

  17. Michelle Willette

    The razor works well, definitely worth the price!

  18. Tammy Dunkin

    I bought the razor for my husband for Christmas. He likes the razor.. I had to return the first one because the top hinge broke. I was very impressed with the exchange process. The new razor was at my doorstep in less than 24 hours. My husband was amazed. He looks forward to using the razor.

  19. Patrick Bopp

    I just got it today haven’t tried it yet letting it charge but it was a good price with good reviews

  20. Lucas Haag

    I like how the product has multiple heads to allow for multiple uses. I also enjoy the digital display.

  21. BYRON Alejandro melgar

    Great product. I love the way it cleans and cut my face.

  22. Joe Nania

    I like this product and am very likely to recommend it to others

  23. Richard derbyshire

    Good product. Everything needed to have a great shave. Even comes with a nice carrying pouch

  24. Matthew H

    Works great. I like the look of it compared with pricier name brand options. I like the interchangeable heads as well. I use the main head daily to every other day and I’ll use the other heads according to my needs.

    Great product. Great price.

  25. Elgin Lee

    Easy to change adapters gives the user a versatile function that most shavers don’t have.

  26. Terry Davis

    The blades were very sharp, it was easy to use. The countour head was very comfortable. It shaved very close.

  27. Timothy Clougher

    The razor is good so far I’ve only shaved with it once as I’ve had it for 1 day. It left me with a nice clean shaven feeling and I look forward to used this item more.

  28. Derek Parlee

    Easy to use, sleek look, good power

  29. Anthony Acevedo

    Great product with accessories. Price was very good as well! I love how close of a shave I get.

  30. Zach Perry

    Works amazingly, my skin is very delicate and it doesn’t hurt at all.
    Will very likely recommend

  31. Jon Feyen

    I like how it has the batter level indicator. It also saves me appliances and space with the 2 additional trimmer attachments. It’s a nice sleek design that is easy to hold.

  32. Timothy Hensley

    I have only used it one time but so far I like it.

  33. Arthur Lind

    It’s weak it hurts when shaving the heads are hard to switch, I guess it’s true you get what you pay for’ please send me one that works right and yes it was fully charged.

  34. Lawrence D Phillips

    Seems very nice and helpful to have when I travel to see my children and grandchildren

  35. Tiffany Beston

    Works really good, battery charge stays long.

  36. George D Darnell

    Needed to shave with left hand while right arm is in a sling. It works dry or wet.

  37. Jamie Bruin

    This razor is very versatile and also easy to use. My husband normally doesn’t use an electric razor but because of health issues he could not shave so we bought this to make it easier on him so far we love it so far we love it

  38. Steve Wignall

    Sleek design, easy to use. My new morning accessory.

  39. Eric Wroblewski

    So far it looks like it will do the job it is intended for.. Can’t wait to try it.

  40. Sara Delacruz

    Thank you so much, I love this product
    I want purchase again

  41. Oscar Ramos

    Excellent design, great comfort

  42. ki choe

    I like the LED saying the battery power

  43. Brant Theiss

    It a great product and you will have smooth feel after


    Looks good gotta try it yet. Reviews looked good. I guess when I get a chance to use it I will leave a review myself.

  45. chester chrzanowski

    good product so far . cutting heads do such fine work.

  46. Tara Renfrow

    I actually bought this for my husband but he loves it. He asked me why we had not gotten one a long time ago. He gets razor stubble real bad so this has been a great change for him. Thank you.

  47. Shanna zierer

    I havent usee it for long. Will update when i have used it for a while

  48. Robert Pankratz

    I just received the shaver and tested and it worked well..

  49. Aretha Gleghorn

    Don’t really know just got it for the first time!

  50. Greg Pernell

    I like that it comes with the different shaver heads, especially nose trimmer. Seems a little underpowered, though.

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