Ceenwes 5 In 1 Mens Grooming Kit Professional Rechargeable Beard Trimmer Hair Clippers Multi-Purpose Mustache Trimmer Mens Electric Shaver Waterproof Nose& Ear Body Trimmer For Men Father Husband Boyfriend

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  • The men’s grooming kit gives you the power of precision with complete versatility for all of your grooming needs. The kit includes: a beard trimmer,design trimmer,hair clipper ,nose&ear and body trimmer;Five-in-one trimmer for beard, head, body, and face hair styling: 14 pieces for all your trimming needs. Let you achieve your best grooming style and authentic look.
  • This body groomer trimmer is designed for a cleaner trimming experience, provides maximum versatility for the exact style you want. The trimmer’s tempered steel blades will never break, dull or rust and the guards are reinforced to prevent bending or buckling while you trim.
  • Blades and Guards are easy to detach and rinse. For hair type: all hair types fully washable design . For best results, let beard trimmer kit dry naturally and don’t put the whole motor body into water.All the attachments are washable.
  • Grooming kit for men mute function and skin-friendly haircut kit is suitable for hair salon and home use.Trimmer for beard with Precision motor, low vibration and ultra quiet design, free it from work noise with only about 50 db.
  • Professional beard trimmer is the best gift for men.Remove unwanted nose and ear hair, make you feel easily and comfortably.


Nose&Ear Trimmer
Remove unwanted nose and ear hair, make you feel easily and comfortably.

Sculpture Tool Bit 
Modelling optional, make individual character art design.Full power, hairless.Precise lettering knife head, a variety of modeling, let hair more personality charm.

Hair Trimmer
Use the clipper with 4 haircut positioning combs can easily adjust the combs to the proper height to complete your style and get clean

Body Trimmer
Precision facial hair & body grooming trimmer with titanium blade technology,defines both straight or cured lines and edges

What’s including:
Beard trimmer*1
Body groomer*1
Hair trimmer*1
Design trimmer*1
Nose /ear trimmer*1
Guide combs*1
Haircut limit combs*4(size:3mm,6mm,9mm,12mm)
Small brush-comb*1
Charger plug * 1

1647 reviews for Ceenwes 5 In 1 Mens Grooming Kit Professional Rechargeable Beard Trimmer Hair Clippers Multi-Purpose Mustache Trimmer Mens Electric Shaver Waterproof Nose& Ear Body Trimmer For Men Father Husband Boyfriend

  1. John A Stauter III

    I love the product because it is compact and has so many attachments. It is easy to use and rechargeable and I absolutely love it.

  2. Joshua D. Alderton

    Its a great all in one trimmer it allows me to handle unwanted hair of the nose and ears and quickly change attachments to keep my beard and face clean trimmed and the perfect length.

  3. Kevin Luker

    Haven’t have a chance to use yet, just filling out the warranty card. Don’t want to forget to do it.

  4. Cierra Moody

    Husband only used it once but so far he likes it .

  5. Edward

    Me parece buen producto con muy buena referencias y un muy buen diseño, muy funcional.

  6. Paul G Brockman

    I like all of the different options that came with the product.

  7. Christopher Murphy

    Clipper oil leaked all over the inside of the package and the bottle was completely empty when I received it.

  8. Allen Dobbins

    I haven’t used it yet but I’m sure I’ll love it!

  9. Sherman Marville

    I feel this particular product will be extremely useful and helpful to myself and so many other people. I like the color and set up as well.

  10. Chad Krichbaum

    The product works great, as of now it’s the best trimmer I’ve ever purchased, love the blue light for when I’m doing some man scapping.

  11. Monica Ford

    I haven’t used ityet. It seems to be like the last one I owned but I am happy this one has a warrantyI have a 2yr old.

  12. Shawn Powers

    I absolutely love that it came with all the different attachments the color and the fact that it lights up. Also the lifetime warranty is awesome and for the price it was the best deal!

  13. Rodney Derry

    It is a very good product for the price. Each attatchment fuctions well. This is actually better than the higher priced popular name brands

  14. Gerhard Semon

    Very light weight. Easy to handle.
    Precision trimming.

  15. rodney collins

    the product is very useful and versatile and i love all the different attachments that i can use for various things.

  16. Ted Durost

    Can’t really say much yet I only just received it last night. First impressions are good though.

  17. Thomas Neal

    I love the product, but the clippers won’t cut my hair. I need to file a claim.

  18. Randall Murray

    Works well and has good amount of attachments, simple to use

  19. Carlos Gonzalez

    The design is great and I like that it has its own stand. Better than my previous beard trimmer.

  20. Alex Bojorquez

    Very easy to use fits easy in my hand lightweight and extremely functional

  21. Igor

    Very good 👍 l like design, and functions

  22. T Amell

    This should do the job just fine, hope it lasts for years

  23. Greg Vander Veen

    After a quick test of several attachments, I am very pleased so far. The eyebrow, nose and clippers work really well.

  24. Nancy Harris

    This is a gift for my brother He won’t use any other brand

  25. Darrell willingham

    I am very hopeful that this product will live up to its reputation. I do on bestreviews.com to help advise my decisions and this product came highly rated.

  26. Athena Lee

    I bought it as a gift from my boyfriend and he was able to use it only one time and then all of a sudden it stopped working

  27. Kenneth Fischer

    I was hoping for the Amazon gift card as my gift

  28. Gabriel Gonzalez

    Works like a charm! First time I use a trimmer and had no issues with it. Shaving has never been easier! This is more of a personal product so I highly doubt I’ll let anyone else use it but I did recommend it to my family members who don’t have a trimmer yet. The one thing I dislike is that I wish it would have brought a bag to store the trimmer and accesories.

  29. Roger Ginn

    I really like the feel of it in my hand it works really well I’m glad that I decided on getting this one

  30. Henry Rodriguez BM-180585

    I have just received the product and I am fascinated, the multifunctional design, the aesthetics that can be observed; I loved buying it, I would see it do and recommend the product.

  31. Bethany mckellar

    I’ve been looking for the right clippers so this will work out just perfect.

  32. José Agosto

    So far so good, easy to change the attachments. Quiet and powerful.

  33. Que Goodman

    I don’t have a specific comment about the product being that I just received it. With more usage I can have a better review.

  34. Paul Williams

    Excellent product. Comes with all the attachments needed and more. Also came with a holding tray which is convenient.

  35. Faye Warren

    It’s a lovely design and very easy to use.

  36. Jeff o’Bryant

    Comfortable and works very well. Also, I like the design and additional attachments. Would recommend. Charge also seems to hold well.

  37. Gabriel Lemus

    I will definitely tell my friends and family about the product I just don’t believe in Sharing personal grooming instruments with people. And I could love it but I’ve only used it a couple times within the last 10 days so I will be more than happy to do another review in 30 days or so

  38. Brandon Ramsey

    It’s really great does pull the beard hair either

  39. Michael Bond

    Got it as a christmas gift. So far I like it, I just need to learn how to fade. I wish it came with a shaving attachment, as well as the rest of it so I could get a clean shave with this instead of a razor.

  40. Omair Chaudhary

    I want to have it all the time it s a good product to use with no batteries ans charging. I will want to have this product more than anything in the world.

  41. Brian Biehler

    received as a gift for trimmer I ever got with a lifetime guarantee

  42. Tony R Hager

    I like the color and functions it has available for use. I hope it lasts longer than the brand I got at Walmart.

  43. Kathy Hipsman

    Easy to handle and it got a great style

  44. Louis Crosswhite

    It works very very very very well when I use it to shave my face and when I shave my head and when I shave my dog and my grandmother’s beard.

  45. Robin Slinkard

    I like that you can charge it or use plugged in if needed and the various attachments. Really wish it came with a case that you could close/zipper.

  46. Brooke Stafford

    Works great! I got a different brand for Christmas and most of the attachments didn’t work. Everything works with this one

  47. Robert Greenwaldt

    Love the function and design. The stylus color and functionality of the storage stand are awesome

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