Ceenwes Dog Clippers Heavy Duty Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Pet Clippers Professional Dog Grooming Clippers with Power Status Dog Grooming Kit with 11 Tools for Dogs Cats Other

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  • ★【ALL-IN-ONE】This dog hair clippers set including: 1 × Pet clipper( included Battery),1 × AC Power Adapter,1 × charging dock,1 × Cleaning Brush,4 × Comb Attachments(3/6/9/12mm),1 × Stainless Steel Scissor,1 ×Stainless teeth scissor,1 × Stainless Steel Comb,1 × Nail Clipper ,1 × Nail File,1 × Manual.dog trimmer fit for All HAIRY PETS!Note: All accessories are underneath the case on the bottom.Note:All accessories are underneath the case on the bottom.
  • ★【ADJUSTABLE BLADES】The dog hair trimmer has three sizes of adjustable blades of 0.8mm/1.1mm/1.4mm/1.7mm/2.0mm. professional dog clippers With this design you can decide the length of hair you want to stay. The ceramic and stainless blade is one of the most unique feature of our dog haircut to reduce the heat producing in the grooming process and ensure more sharp effect. But if too long hair, we suggest you use the scissors to cut them before use the clipper.Limited comb function trim for crew
  • ★【LOW VIBRATION & NOISE & CORDLESS DESIGN】Our ceramic and stainless steel blade also produce less noise than common double stainless steel blades.free it from work noise with about 50 DB .Now you can safely trim your pet with cat clippers , you don’t need to worry about to scare and hurt them. Such long time power supply is especially perfect for the professional groomer. Detachable blade for ease of changing and cleaning.With the cordless clipper, you can no longer be bothered by the trouble
  • ★【 POWER SUPPLY & LED POWER INDICATION】The dog shears is designed with a LED screen to indicate power use(20/40/60/80/100%). Uses can have a better control of the grooming process to prevent its power off and not interrupt the clipping.horse clippers has a built-in rechargeable 1000mA Li-lion battery inside. The pet clipper can be used continuously for 4 hours with a full charging time(takes about 3 hours)
  • ★【USEFULLY】keeps your pets always looking good, it’s very useful both in home and profession salon use! Complete new user friendly, with limiting comb this clipper ensure you a safe cutting and neat and tidy hair result.


Rechargeable Cordless Dog Grooming Clippers 
❤pet trimmer set keeps your pets always looking good, it’s very useful both in home and profession salon use! Complete new user friendly, with limiting comb this clipper ensure you a safe cutting and neat and tidy hair result. No more expensive bills for pet grooming and you can do it in an easy way.

Main Features 
❤Rechargeable cordless design-cordless and cord use both available.
❤Low Noise, Low Vibration;
❤Blade with adjustable 5 sizes. 0.8mm/1.1mm/1.4mm/1.7mm/2.0mm
❤Strong Power .Adopting 3.7V special motor,8200 revolutions per minutes.
❤Ultra-low mute design.Quiet enough not to scare dogs and cats.
❤Stainless Steel fixed blade + Ceramic movable blade.
❤LED charge indication of power use to better control the grooming process.
❤Rechargeable Battery & Fast Charge & Intelligent Charge Protection.
❤Built in Li-ion Battery-3hrs charge with 240 minutes long time power supply, perfect for long time grooming work.

Product Details: 
❤Built-In Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery (2000mA)
❤LED Charge Indicator(Power Status: charging/20/40/60/80/100%)
❤Ceramic Top Blade
❤Stainless-Steel Bottom Blade
❤Charge Time: 3 Hrs.
❤Run Time: 4 Hrs.
❤Input: AC 100-240V (50/60 Hz)
❤Output: DC 5V (1000mA)
❤Operating voltage: 3.7V

What’s including: 
❤1 × Pet clipper(include battery)
❤1 × AC Power Adapter
❤1 × Charging Dock
❤1 × Cleaning Brush
❤4 × Comb Attachments(3-6-9-12mm)
❤Stainless teeth scissors
❤1 × Stainless Steel Comb
❤1 × Nail Clipper
❤1 × Nail File
❤1 × Manual
All accessories are underneath the case on the bottom. please check and confirm it,thanks so much .

533 reviews for Ceenwes Dog Clippers Heavy Duty Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Pet Clippers Professional Dog Grooming Clippers with Power Status Dog Grooming Kit with 11 Tools for Dogs Cats Other

  1. Jodi LaPoint

    I am really happy with this pet clipper. It is comfortable to hold, and is very quiet which is very helpful for a puppy just getting used to trims.

  2. Kimberly Finkel

    I am 8. The process of training to be a professional Groomer.. this is the first product I’ve purchased from you so far. Looking forward to using it during my training.

  3. Adrian hoang

    I’ve only used it for a few minutes to test noise level and to do a quick test patch. So far so good.

  4. William S Draper

    the clippers seem to work really well in my test runs i’ll be doing actual clipping this afternoon it will be a first for both me and my Hollyhock who’s only ever had scissor cuts.

  5. Elizabeth Morgan

    Absolutely fantastic product. Long battery life, doesn’t overheat with extended use.

  6. Veronica Holtz

    Vibrates a little more than I expected, but I’m very happy with how quiet it is.


    I like all of the pieces that came with this product and the price was great.

  8. Andrew Wakefield

    Great product. Not too loud and it doesn’t scare my dog

  9. Mercedes escoto

    This product is so easy to use in my dog.

  10. Georgianna Howell

    The clippers are quit as advertised and they are able to clip long hair dogs without pulling their coat.

  11. Rachel Castelletto

    I love them! They are great for dogs who don’t like clippers cause they’re quite. My dog loved being groomed.

  12. Mitzi Jackson

    Works very well. When I used it the first time I was amazed at how well it cut hair. My dog didn’t seem to mind since it doesn’t make much noise.

  13. Ruby Hoomalu

    Cheaper price and provides more supplies. It will. Be helpful and useful for our 6 dogs

  14. Debra L Lefebvre

    Nice complete set, all you need to get started, quiet

  15. Susan Burrell

    I like the way it is so silent. My dog is very shy and scared, so anything that is too loud, won’t work. Als I love the content of this. It has far more in it than you would expect from a raiser pack. It gives me all the options to chose from how to trim her nails and her coat. Just lovely!

  16. Sherry McNabb

    Today was our first time using the pet clippers and we haven’t had any issues. The kit was nice as it had many extras with it like the scissors and metal comb. I feel like we will get a lot of use out of it!

  17. Veronica Acero

    Grandioso producto, facil de manejar y con el mínimo de ruido. Equipo fácil de transportar

  18. Angela Lawson

    I bought one set of clippers, loved them and bought another set. This is the only set/brand of clippers my old dog will let me use on her. For some reason she doesn’t get anxiety when I groom her with Ceenwes!

  19. Diann Miller

    I like the size of the handset. Its easy to hold on to and it is quiet. I plan on using it to remove tangles from my senior cats.

  20. Susan Wright

    So far I am happy with the clippers. I am still learning

  21. Bridget Burton

    These clippers will allow me to groom my dogs at home and keep them looking good. The clippers are not too loud and I like that the kit came with scissors, nail clippers and comb.

  22. Stephanie Youngblood

    Low noise, easy to use. My dog didn’t like being clipped before, we would struggle and both be frustrated. Now that I have these, we both enjoy the grooming experience. I highly recomend these clippers.

  23. Susan Lerding

    Recommended by family member for keeping up professional trim

  24. Michal Weiler-Sagie

    Aaaasd. F hi jkkkkkkkk hjjjkkkkkk hhhjhhhhj hhhjhkkkkkhjjjjjh hjjjjhhhjjhhhh

  25. Tammy Cedotal

    They seem to be working well trimming our pets hair. We have 2 dogs that require regular grooming.

  26. Egypt crump

    I love it! My puppy loves when i do it and it saves us a ton of money, from going to the groomers

  27. Michael Sanchez

    Great product that does a great job at cutting my maltipoo’s hair. The built-in battery last long enough to complete the job & attachments & included items make the job a breeze.

  28. Natalie Lakey

    So far….so good. It will save me money in grooming fees.

  29. Jessica Ann Casas

    Haven’t tried them yet but so far I think they are perfect.

  30. Terry Border

    I haven’t really used it yet so hard to give a complete review

  31. Andrea Edington Shank

    My dog who is nervous and anxious about EVERYTHING, fell asleep while i was giving her the first haircut with this product. I couldn’t believe it!! The clippers cut her very thick fur easily and the clippers were so quiet! I love all the bonus items including the mail clippers, file, quality scissors, and metal comb. This will save me so much money and save my senior dog from the separation anxiety she gets when i have to leave her at the groomer. I am so happy with this grooming kit.

  32. Pam Bouchard

    Was easy to use and our dog did not seem to be afraid of it

  33. Jenevieve Minelian

    So far, so good! I haven’t used it very much I just received it today but I’m looking forward to it my dog is very matted she’s a Maltese and she hates being brushed so I’m gonna have to shave all the hair off

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