Ceenwes Dog Clippers Precision Blade for Efficient Trimming

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  • [PRECISION BLADE FOR EFFICIENT TRIMMING] Narrow cutter head is easy to trim any tiny hair of small areas,like face, eyes, ears, paws and around rump of dogs, cats and other animals.
  • [SUITABLE FOR ANY PETS] Equipped with super mute motor less than 70db.Your pet won’t get nervous while having its hair cut. Carbon steel cutting head designed for efficient trimming and soothes pet skin.Suitable for dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, and birds, etc.
  • [LIGHTWEIGHT AND WATERPROOF] It is easy to hold and operate to allow for a smooth and convenient grooming process. IPX7 waterproof design, the whole body can be washed.
  • [CORDLESS DESIGN] Use AA batteries, safe and convenient ,ideal for pet grooming store or home using
  • [Notice] 1.Please read the instructions carefully before using 2.Before using the pet clipper, please make sure to install a fully charged AA battery 3.Please dry up the blade and add a few drops of oil to the blade to help the device maintain its best performance. 4.The limit comb is removable,if you want cut closer you can use the clippers without the limit comb


This Ceenwes Pet hair trimmer features compact body and narrow cutter head, perfect for grooming on small area of your pets.

Target Audience:Dogs,cats,horses,rabbits,hamsters,birds and Other Small Animals.Both Useful in Home and Professional Dog Trimmers

Package Included :
1 x Ceenwes pet clippers
1 x user manual
1 x comb
1 x AA battery
1 x cleaning brush

Type of Charging: AA battery

1.Please read the instructions carefully before using
2.Before using the pet clipper, please make sure to install a fully charged AA battery
3.Please dry up the blade and add a few drops of oil to the blade to help the device maintain its best performance.
4.The limit comb is removable,if you want cut closer you can use the clippers without the limit comb

99 reviews for Ceenwes Dog Clippers Precision Blade for Efficient Trimming

  1. Christina Johnson

    Absolutely hands done the best product that I have used on my dog. She did try to bite it but it was really easy to use. And she will get used to the trimmer.

  2. Mandy bamford

    This product is great nice and quite and my dogs not afraid

  3. Omar Zuniga

    Great product. A lot easier to use than scissors.

  4. Erica DeLoach

    Works great and easy to use. Dog does not mind using on him. And it’s very quiet and handy.

  5. Kadyija Lawrence

    Clean small and quiet. Looking forward to using the clippers on my dog. I will update once I have tried the product.

  6. Krisztina Athanasakis

    I needed a small trimmer for my dog who is terrified of trimmers and this seems to be working well with him so far. Great product at an even better price !!

  7. Maria Rodriguez

    So simple to use and the dog is so comfortable on it, and the price is very affordable., and it looks like it is easy to maintain also. You guys are very nice offering gift to the consumers. Thank you !

  8. Harnoor Labana

    Useful and practical in keeping my dog trimmed in between groom sessions

  9. Martha Adams

    This is my second time to purchase this product.. The first clippers worked really well, but stopped working all of the sudden. I changed to a brand new battery several times, bout the clippers wouldn’t work. This was sad, as the clippers were working just fine. I will try a second set to see if this will work for a while longer.

    I have a small dog with lots of fur. These clippers allowed me to trim the dog’s paws nice and clean.

  10. Suzanne Bush

    I do not wish to comment at this time as I would like more time to use the clippers.

  11. Jeanett Gray

    very helpful when groming my dogs easy to se and light weight very little noise

  12. Sandy O

    Worked great for my two dogs. I had previously bought a different brand and it did not trim the hair as precisely as these trimmers did.

  13. Susan Smith

    Small enough, easy to handle and easy to use so far.

  14. Maria Adams

    It is as describe I have not used it yet I just received it

  15. Cindy Johnson

    I bought this to trim my cats hair. It works great!

  16. Michelle Marshall

    no comment to give a of now. Product sends legit and easy to operate


    Ive had good results with this product so far! no negative issues at this point and do not expect to to have any!!

  18. Iuliia Khromova

    It was recommended by American Academy of Pet grooming. So far love it

  19. Juadia Meralesa Tabio

    good product works well and its quite

  20. Xela Olivario

    Skeptical by looking at the price but it came with everything shown in description!

  21. Bob martin

    Ceenwes Dog Clippers Precision Blade for efficient Trimming Waterproof Cordless Pet Trimmer Low Noise Dog Grooming Clippers for Trimming The Hair Arou

  22. Joey Cruz

    No issues and allows me to cut what I wanted.

  23. po tong

    It has everything you need to trim the dog’s hair so it is ready to use right away. The blade is smooth and it’s quiet, Very easy to trim my dog’s hair and he stays calm.

  24. alohi lilly

    I saw a lot of good reviews and trusted the company, so I got the hair removal for my puppy! She doesn’t like scissors, so I figured these would be perfect, which it is!

  25. Roxana Gonzalez

    I am happy with the purchase. My dog is very happy as well.

  26. Vivian V. Kovene

    Trimmer ust arrived, ive turned it on once, i havent bathed my dog to use it yet, thank you
    Vivian v Kovene

  27. Karen Karsten

    This product was Recommended by a friend. I hope I like it as much as she does

  28. Roxy Gamarra

    The noise is loud and has freaked out my yorkies.

  29. Alicia olivio

    I honestly have not tried this product yet it looks great i only turned it on and its a lil loud i hope it gets the job done

  30. Jackeline solares

    The blade can be a little bit stronger. It’s good for in-between the paw pads but a little more difficult for furry paws even if the hair is long between the paws.

  31. Norka K. Mujica

    It’s lightweight, easy to use, nice touch. Very practical. And it comes with a free gift, that’s was very neat .

  32. jossie hernandez

    Great value and price I will buy it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Marshia

    Because the blade are very small it needs to be cleaned after every swipe.

  34. Sophia Wo

    so far so good. Have bought this product through Amazon. Although the price is not the most attractive one but most review are GOOD. I used this product twice. and I am happy to write this review. The only drawback is the AA battery. Be sure to prepare enough AA batteries.

    Overall, works just fine and if something happens in the near future. I will update.

  35. Melissa Alcivar

    So far so good! I am loving these clippers!

  36. Maggie Wu

    I really love how it doesn’t hurt my dog at all! At first I was worried that since there was no guard, it would make my dogs paws bleed. But it doesn’t and I’m very satisfied!

  37. Jennifer

    I was pleasantly surprised how well it worked for the price

  38. Alissa Tietz

    Very easy to use, made a difficult job much easier. Usually takes me 1/2 hr to trim feet and was able to get two dogs done in under that

  39. Rian Hyland

    Nice small sleek design. I enjoy the trimmers width to get inbetween our field spaniels(40lbs female) pads and under the ears next to the canals. Thank you for the nice product!

  40. Malia Montoya

    Perfect size and shape! Convenient size and packaging.

  41. Miranda Jensen

    My dog seems confused by it and kept pulling away but shes a golden and needs her poor toe pads done so she will get useto it I’m sure

  42. April Couch

    I tried it and it worked great and my little chichi didnt mind it at all.. it worked well. Great choice.. Ive already recommended to friends and family

  43. Yasmin Odtallah

    I really appreciate that it’s quite and doesn’t frighten my baby girl. I also like that it is super small so I can get the bottom of her little paws

  44. Vivian Martirosyan

    I like how quiet the trimmers are. Works great for a puppy who wakes up to every noise. I recommend this to all those who have a new puppy at home and need to cut those stubborn little hairs around the eyes while their sleeping.

  45. Alice J Navarro

    The product is great. I didn’t even know that there was an option for just a trimmer around the pads which is very helpful! It came up as also recommended when we looked up trimmer so great way to market this product!

  46. Gabriela Arroyo Slutsky

    This product cuts the hair great and is very easy to use!

  47. Jiyun kim

    I have never used this kind of product and I used scissors only
    . It is very convenient and I hope I can use this for a long time without broken.

  48. Lori Clinger

    This is really light weight which is nice. Trims really good to. Wonderful for little paws.

  49. Tammy Nelson

    I’m hoping to safe money doing my own dog grooming at home

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