Ceenwes Dog Clippers Precision Blade for Efficient Trimming

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  • [PRECISION BLADE FOR EFFICIENT TRIMMING] Narrow cutter head is easy to trim any tiny hair of small areas,like face, eyes, ears, paws and around rump of dogs, cats and other animals.
  • [SUITABLE FOR ANY PETS] Equipped with super mute motor less than 70db.Your pet won’t get nervous while having its hair cut. Carbon steel cutting head designed for efficient trimming and soothes pet skin.Suitable for dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, and birds, etc.
  • [LIGHTWEIGHT AND WATERPROOF] It is easy to hold and operate to allow for a smooth and convenient grooming process. IPX7 waterproof design, the whole body can be washed.
  • [CORDLESS DESIGN] Use AA batteries, safe and convenient ,ideal for pet grooming store or home using
  • [Notice] 1.Please read the instructions carefully before using 2.Before using the pet clipper, please make sure to install a fully charged AA battery 3.Please dry up the blade and add a few drops of oil to the blade to help the device maintain its best performance. 4.The limit comb is removable,if you want cut closer you can use the clippers without the limit comb


This Ceenwes Pet hair trimmer features compact body and narrow cutter head, perfect for grooming on small area of your pets.

Target Audience:Dogs,cats,horses,rabbits,hamsters,birds and Other Small Animals.Both Useful in Home and Professional Dog Trimmers

Package Included :
1 x Ceenwes pet clippers
1 x user manual
1 x comb
1 x AA battery
1 x cleaning brush

Type of Charging: AA battery

1.Please read the instructions carefully before using
2.Before using the pet clipper, please make sure to install a fully charged AA battery
3.Please dry up the blade and add a few drops of oil to the blade to help the device maintain its best performance.
4.The limit comb is removable,if you want cut closer you can use the clippers without the limit comb

106 reviews for Ceenwes Dog Clippers Precision Blade for Efficient Trimming


    Just received product so have not used.

  2. John McCarty

    Nice feel to the trimmer. Doesn’t feel cheaply made. Looks like it will work well and is very quiet to operate.

  3. Lora Hohertz

    I am very impressed with the feel and quality of the product! Nice weight to it – but not enough to make my wrist ache. I bought these clippers for touch up on my pups tiny toes and around his mouth/eyes. It is the perfect size, the blade cuts smoothly. The clippers are also nice because of the low noise – it doesn’t scare the pup at all. I would highly recommend these clippers to everyone!!

  4. Jocelyn Kingry

    Love it works really great for are dogs. Would share with the family

  5. Al Wimunc

    I like that is small and light weight and very easy to use and it is quiet

  6. Anthony Stierheim

    Fantastic product! Battery last long time, very long.

  7. Pamela Redd-Crowell

    I love how I can get in between his paws and his ears.

  8. Natalie Canton

    Would like it better if it were low noise.

  9. Roberta Kilmer

    I like it. It trimmed the places close to his eyes and ears safely. Thank you

  10. Susan lee

    Liked the small size to work on paws

  11. Cindy Lynn Hymes

    The blades seemed dull after the first paw that I clipped. I changed the battery thinking that would help and it did not!

  12. Cherrybel Rodriguez

    I like the fact that it’s small to use in the hard areas

  13. Bessie Castillo

    It’s easy to use, handy & not loud.

  14. Tiphanie Lumry

    I love how it’s easy to use and easy to clean.

  15. Jen Schram

    Works well. A little louder than I would like (well really my dog)

  16. Ramona Sierer

    Unit is very lite weight and does and excellent job of cutting hair but not skin

  17. Arianette Melendez

    Very comfortable to work with my dogs.

  18. Gloria Garrido

    A great product, Specifically made for pet owners. No need to adapt another tool to work with your dog.

  19. Wade Sansing

    I haven’t used it yet, so I can’t really rate it.

  20. Erika Arivett

    Good product for the price! Worked for trimming my pup’s paw pads and face when my regular trimmer blade was too broad.

  21. Jessica Thurmond

    I just got this trimmer today and have not tried it on my dog yet. I purchased it because it said it was quiet. While it is not as quiet as I had hoped for it is much quieter than other trimmers so I am happy about that! This will be a very useful tool to get around the feet, ears, and face of my furbaby!

  22. Ruth A Riley

    Just recieved today and hadn’t use yet

  23. Judy Holt

    battery seems to need a lot of wiggling to make it work

  24. Kristina Bristol

    I am pleased with it but when I received it I didn’t get the lubricating oil with the accessories. It arrived in a timely manner & the price was descent.

  25. Joan Aldrich

    I really like the size of trimmer head. The dogs still hate it but it’s easy to handle and quiet.

  26. Ratsamy Nanthavongdouangsy

    This works so well on the most hard and sensitive areas on my dogs. Love that it is cordless and has the power to do the job right.

  27. Anna Aase

    It’s very compact, easy to use and clean.

  28. Kristina Limjuco

    Very affordable and easy to use

  29. Aerial Guffey

    So far the product is working really well. It’s a little louder than I expected but the dogs are to nervous about it.


    Tested it on my arm hair, did a good job.

  31. Caitlin Freymann

    It’s a good set of dog clippers for the price.

  32. carole plotzka

    works well doesnot upset the dog I think he actuly kinda likes the attention he gets but he is a springer spanial and is apretty laidback pooch.

  33. Sung hee jeon

    The clipper was quiet and did its job better than i expected. Instructions were easy to follow. The best thing to me was that the battery was already included so that I can use the product right away

  34. Ann Durand

    so far it doesn’t bother my dogs feet and it does a great job trimming my poodles feet.

  35. Kathy Puckitt

    Small and compact for my little babies

  36. Holly Mikula

    Haven’t used enough yet to comment further

  37. Edward Saydeh

    No comment at this time – sorry

  38. Mark Sweet

    Works great for in between dog grooming

  39. Robert W Potillo

    Worth the price. Seems very well built.
    Easy to use

  40. Leeanne frisina

    Your product is easy to handle works well for dog paws, and it’s fairly quiet. So far so good!

  41. Amber Rue Elam

    Works great, I like it a lot! Good quality product!

  42. Angela Boynton

    Works great on my shih tzus paws! Small enough bald and low sound so as not to scare them.

  43. Erin Suwala

    I received the product yesterday and already used it to trim our 3 dogs feet. With covid 19 our grooming appointments were canceled and I wanted a product to help keep up with feet, faces, bums, etc. The product was easy to use and safe.

  44. Dawn Montano

    I just received this product today to groom my puppy because of COVID19. I was very pleased with the ease of using this product and my puppy was not afraid of the trimmer noise, as it was very quiet.

  45. Barbara Potter

    Nice for detailed trimming. Nice and quite. Excited to continue using it.


    I love how it fits in my hand. It is small and I am able to maneuver it around my dog’s paw

  47. Dorinda Anderson

    Just received but like it so far

  48. Joseph Speranza

    Just received it no batteries.
    Need 2 aa batteries can’t go out to get them

  49. Cassandra Johnson

    Fits perfectly in hands, very quite, and doesn’t bother puppy at all.

  50. Leticia Garcia-Hernandez

    Comfortable feel and simple to use.

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