Ceenwes Electric Razor for Men 3 in 1 Grooming Kit

(234 customer reviews)
  • 【3 IN 1 MULTI-FUNCTIONAL ELECTRIC RAZOR】:This electric head shaver and grooming kit have THREE different functions: beard trimmer, sideburns trimmer, and nose trimmer, Easily switch between THREE heads.
  • 【Adjustable Guide Comb Setting】:This electric shaver for men is Adjustable Guide Comb Setting. 3 different size guide combs(3 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm) make you easy to cut your favorite hair length.
  • 【Long Battery Life & USB Charging】:2 hours charge for 99 min cordless use, Enjoy convenient charging at home, or on the road.Plug-and-Play,External special adapter connect with mains rechargeable,can be shaved directly.
  • 【Time Display and Travel Lock】:This electric razor for men has a LED Display,  It will shows how much time you have left before needing to charge and how much time you have used for every single shaving, The travel lock prevents the shaver from being switched on by accident.
  • 【WATERPROOF】: The whole body of the electric razor is waterproof, The IPX7 waterproof body can be cleaned directly with water which is easy and convenient.The rotary shaver easily adapts to either shaving foam or gel for a Smoother and closer shaving experience! 



234 reviews for Ceenwes Electric Razor for Men 3 in 1 Grooming Kit

  1. Alexandre Lavallée

    I am just very satisfied of this Product ! Thanks to your brand !

  2. Armand Hupe

    After 30days let you no. and how can I give experience when only use twice

  3. Terry walker

    Works great. I am very happy with this product and will definitely tell others about it.

  4. Cheryl Dragon

    The razor gives a close shave and is easily charged. So far so good.

  5. Andrew R Daniel

    I haven’t tried it yet, but I will try it today. Hopefully it works well.

  6. Renato Javier

    It came beautifully packaged.Out off the box it was ready to use. It works really good on my beard and also the attachments that was included were perfect (nose trimmer and sideburn trimmer).

  7. Sima

    I like it’s design, it is interesting and compact.

  8. Mohib Dosani

    Its good shaves well. Im not sure what else to say its a razor

  9. Andrew Nowakowski

    I purchased it for my father and he loves it, I would recommend it to anyone

  10. Tirso Solis

    Since I started growing facial hair, I shaved with a typical blade and cut my neck several times. Some shaving cream with your electric razor and I avoid nasty cuts and it actually feels good to use. Love the waterproof feature and the small brushes to clean effectively. Awesome design too.

  11. Denis Filteau

    Its ok i like I use every Day ans i am satisfied about this product

  12. Manuel

    It’s perfect for me.shave very well.i recommend the product.very useful.

  13. Bernard Shropshire

    Lightweight. Beautiful color. Attachments are very convenient.

  14. Jason Twa

    Just got it. Seems really great. Long battery life really great function. Can’t wait to use it.

  15. Luis Palacio

    Easy use. Nice charge. Nice design and pretty good price

  16. Dakota Canning

    No complaints so far. Like the general design and gets the job done.

  17. Daniel Mancini Jr

    I really like this electric shaver and the multi-purpose interchangeable heads are a great feature. It has a heavy-duty performing motor. I only wish it came with a stand.

  18. Denise Huntley-Cameron

    Only tried once. Works very good so far

  19. Tim Smith

    I love it and i use all the attachments and works great. The shaver very quite and happy with the price

  20. Henry Andraos

    Got it today and looking forward to trying it

  21. Quincey Hall

    The product is functional and looks great. The multiple attachments are nice so it gives you more than 1 shaving function.

  22. Leif Gustafsson

    The design is beautiful and practical. The product is easy to use and easy to claen. It is a big advantage to be able to clean it under running water.

  23. Christian cabrera

    Its is good and functional. However, if you press just a little your skin get pinched by the gaps and it hurts. All in all, it does the job.

  24. Cathy Burns

    Haven’t really used it yet. Just getting the registration out of the way before i throw all the extra packaging in the trash.

  25. David Hunt

    I like the design and functions. Power level indicator is handy. Thought the hair trimmer would work for my close cropped head but I still have too much hair to use effectively. I still need a barber’s trimmer. I like being able to trim and shave in shower.

  26. Paul Nisen

    Nice looking shaver. I lke the led lights and the time remaining showed. Great that includes attachements. Easy to clean. Price is great

  27. Rick Strunk

    So far so good. They want a long comment, so I’m just trying to find something to say and stretch this comment out as far as possible.

  28. Brian Henderson

    I love it I can do all I need to do with one thing no more multiples plus its easy to use my wife got it for me amd I love it

  29. Darrin Whaley

    I have not used the pr0duct yet.

  30. John Whitaker

    I won’t share this product as it is a personal electric razor, but will be happy to tell anyone about my experience with it.
    Thank you

  31. Mia Atterberry

    I really liked the product for it’s price and sleek design. It has a close enough shave. I am recommending to my friend

  32. Kerry Phipps

    Shaves well. At first the head seemed to detach easily but getting used to it.
    Does what I need it to do.

  33. Zain

    Very easy to use and set up. LED screen is super useful for battery and function. Love it!

  34. Robert Graham

    First time using an electric razor and I’m hooked. I’ve heard horror stories but I’m pleasantly surprised and happy.

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