Ceenwes Electric Razor for Men 3 in 1 Grooming Kit

(313 customer reviews)
  • 【3 IN 1 MULTI-FUNCTIONAL ELECTRIC RAZOR】:This electric head shaver and grooming kit have THREE different functions: beard trimmer, sideburns trimmer, and nose trimmer, Easily switch between THREE heads.
  • 【Adjustable Guide Comb Setting】:This electric shaver for men is Adjustable Guide Comb Setting. 3 different size guide combs(3 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm) make you easy to cut your favorite hair length.
  • 【Long Battery Life & USB Charging】:2 hours charge for 99 min cordless use, Enjoy convenient charging at home, or on the road.Plug-and-Play,External special adapter connect with mains rechargeable,can be shaved directly.
  • 【Time Display and Travel Lock】:This electric razor for men has a LED Display,  It will shows how much time you have left before needing to charge and how much time you have used for every single shaving, The travel lock prevents the shaver from being switched on by accident.
  • 【WATERPROOF】: The whole body of the electric razor is waterproof, The IPX7 waterproof body can be cleaned directly with water which is easy and convenient.The rotary shaver easily adapts to either shaving foam or gel for a Smoother and closer shaving experience! 



313 reviews for Ceenwes Electric Razor for Men 3 in 1 Grooming Kit

  1. Tin Le

    Hay value. I chose the product when I saw the high review for your pet trimming products.

  2. James Lee

    Shaver seems to be high quality and well built.

  3. YI LI

    Hope package come with travel bag.

  4. Gregory Viner

    Great deal on an amazing shaver with attachments that make it a complete shaving system in one!

  5. Byron Yanke

    Works great like the life time warranty hopefully many years of service

  6. Doriane Davis

    It is very easy to use and I love the different functionalities. I wasn’t aware that it came with a warranty but that’s great too.

  7. D’Angelo Semple

    I have used the ceenwes electric razor numerous times. It js fantastic and exactly what I needed for the prize.

  8. Frank C Charek

    Good quality at a good price. I like that you can use a normal phone charger to recharge the shaver. It can also be recharged in the car using a standard USB charger. I wish it had a standard USB connection cable rather than the special plug going into the shaver itself.

  9. Chris Watson

    Very nice so far. I have used all three heads and they work great. Battery lasts forever. Only charged it once so far.

  10. Ehsan Kamrani

    Very nice product. Includes all-in-one for shaving. The price is reasonable and the quality is great.

  11. Angel Triana

    So far I liked the product especially that it can be used dry or wet. Very easy to use and light in weight

  12. nicholas Permenter

    Gets a nice close shave feels great in the hand has a nice selection when it comes to Attachments

  13. Dakota Curren

    Never used an electric shaver before before. I wanted to see how well they did. I will say, the moment I put this on my face I fell in love with it. This device is absolutely amazing.

  14. Annette Shemko

    My husband loves it, it works so perfectly with no redness or dryness. It’s a perfect gift!!

  15. Curtis PREECE Jr

    It does what I want and need. I like the color combination. It has the accessories that I wanted.

  16. Jeannot Talbot

    J’ai trouvé ces fonctions et affichages très conviviales
    Je considère que c’est un bon achat

  17. Daniel st laurent

    Easy to use. Gives a nice shave. I really like the nose and ear adaptor.

  18. Gary Huffman

    I was pleasantly pleased with how well the trimmer worked then shocked at what a close & smooth save just as good as a razor very good I’ll recommend this razor especially with such a low price

  19. Cristofer Velazquez

    Very good product at a low price

  20. Mahmoud Jillo

    Used it once. It works great but need more time to evaluate.

  21. Gary Rush

    Seems to be a great quality, built well .

  22. Robert Edgell

    I am really impressed with the beautiful design and quality feel of the shaver. Also, I like the nice use of technology so I know how much battery life is remaining.

  23. Ricardo Franco

    I really love my new razor is the best

  24. Najibur Rahmani

    Its slick design and alot different ways to use it. Hair beard nose and ears.

  25. Bert Baker

    I like the 3 in 1 use for this product and cordless use

  26. Luis Pereira

    Very nice product. It charged fast (less than 2 hours) and it last a lot the battery. The design is nice and to be waterproof is the most important for me. It is very comfortable as well.

  27. Arcade Riley

    It looks amazing I can’t wait to try it!

  28. Richard Kishi

    I have just had this product for 1 day but so far, so good

  29. Seungil Choi

    Once, I had used rotary-type razor, but I wasn’t satisfied because it was too hard to clean the razor. However, This product was much easier to clean, and included cleaning brush.

  30. Sharonda scott

    Purple is my favorite color, so I was really excited about this product. I love how easy it is to use, and I’ve been using it for weeks and I haven’t had to charge it yet! It’s very easy to clean, and works perfectly for what I need it to shave!

  31. Tahasin Rahman

    I just bought it and looking forward to use it now

  32. Zuleyka Mercado Figueroa

    I love the design. It is very light.

  33. Charles Mojica

    Great product works very well!

  34. Julie Siudak

    Perfect for younger men just beginning and learning to shave.

  35. Jefferson Benavides

    IT’s really amazing, i ordered by amazon and it’s so cheap

  36. Alfonzo Hill

    I like the design and functionality of the product.

  37. Lauren Vasatka

    Haven’t used it yet. The design looks cool and the price was great. Can’t complain yet.

  38. Michael Dobson

    The product is so versatile and allow the user the opportunity have several options when using it. Excellent price and great design.

  39. Mark Ortola

    Only just received it. It was fully charged and ready to go. First attempt was good, and I suspect I will get even better results as I get used to the new razor.
    One suggestion: there are no instructions on how to change to rotating heads to the other accessories (trimmer and nose hair trimmer). It took me a few minutes of fiddling with it before I figures out how to change the heads.

  40. Laura Baker

    I love the design and functionality. I was really surprised by the quality for the price.

  41. Jacob Elshant

    I enjoy using it to shave my facial hair and pubes.

  42. Teri Newcomer

    Works well. Nice attachments and lightweight.

  43. Leonard Mouzon

    I just received this shaver abd and I am cautiously optimistic. However from past experience time will tell how good this shaver in my opinion.

  44. Eric Bellone

    Looks solid , has trimmer in back , love it

  45. Ramesh Pusala

    Nice Product, Does its job well, Like it so far

  46. Marco Galgana

    Great value for money, quality product. Will order again

  47. Mel Collins

    Very good value. Reasonably close shave. Trimmer is excellent. Definitely compares favorably to shavers costing three times more. Very satisfied.

  48. Willis Parker

    I would like to say, my reason for buying my own.. my Barber use your brand to cut my hair and trim it up for me. So I had to get my own. I love the way the blade feel on my alone, love that I don’t get any break outs. .

  49. Frances Chen

    I bought this electric razor as a gift to my friend. He loves it very much. It’s easy to use and because it is cordless, he doesn’t have to stand in front of the bathroom which means I can also do my stuff at the same time too. The battery can stand long time and the size is good to storage. Also it is not heavy to carry. Good!

  50. Jim Kahn

    Easy to use and handsome and very convenient size

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