Ceenwes Electric Razor Waterproof Hair Clippers

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  • 【Smooth & Close Shave】This 3D rotary shaver can adjust heads automatically according to every curve of your neck or face, minimizing pressure and irritation on your skin.The dual self-sharpening blades can shave even the shortest details hairs on the neck,sideburns and behind the ears. 4 different size guide combs make you easy to cut your favorite hair length.
  • 【Versatile & Quick Charge】This electric shaver is multifunctional razor for many different purposes.Hair and beard are available in same time. Hair clippers charge up fairly quickly.only 90 minutes charging then you could use it about 45 minutes.
  • 【Waterproof & Quiet Operation】Mens electric razor support Dry and Wet application.Feel free to apply shaving cream before shaving without worrying about damaging device.The blades is detachable,and it’s easy to empty the hair from the chamber and rinse under cold running water. Quiet Operation make your kids or babies feel at ease while cutting hairs, not afraid haircut any more.
  • 【Ergonomic Design】Ergonomic handle of electric razor for men, which is fitted to ensure a comfortable and secure grip, This hair clippers also have alternative speeds (high and low) to your need, allow you to dedicate yourselves with the utmost care to your beard ,mustache and hair. This shaver has intelligent LCD display to indicate the charge of the shaver from 1-99.
  • 【Two Ways to Charge】Charge Directly with Official Adapter;Charge with Charging Station AdapterCharge with Charging Station Adapter


Product Description

397 reviews for Ceenwes Electric Razor Waterproof Hair Clippers

  1. Christian Seamster

    Wish it was metal blades Ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub
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    (I’m the Scatman)
    Ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub
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  2. Cory Hoffstatter

    Great razor, I like the different levels of cuts that are provided. The bag is very helpful too.

  3. Steven Lee Robles

    I haven’t used it yet, but I’ll use it and let you know in the amazon review

  4. Alex zachariou

    Just got it and looks like a nice razor and kit.

  5. Carole Dukette

    Love everything about it except it is pretty loud.

  6. Robert Hawkins

    Stand is poorly designed as wire needs an extra inch in back.

  7. Thomas Klapy

    Works great and as it should. Nice and quiet. Battery lasts a decent amount of time.

  8. Edwin Salamanca

    Multifunctional, trimmer and razor. All in one. Digital level battery charge indicator.
    Nice style, with base in order to organice pieces, and carger too.

  9. Ivan Reyes

    I love it , because it has rechargeable, waterproof, and easy to cut my hair at home. Without going to the barbershop or hair salon about $12.00 or more . Save me a lot of money.

  10. Nellie S Gadson

    Gives a real smooth cut…love on my face too!


    Good value so far but I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks. I hope it lasts.

  12. Yuxiang Lin

    please allow me to use this product a little time.
    but the appearance and quility look good, good value for money.

  13. Daniel Roach

    Seems to be a very good product for the price

  14. Antoine lefebvre

    The razor is great quality! Its very simple To use and the result is pretty awesome. Also the base where you can plug and set everything on it is very useful

  15. Kevin McErlean

    i have just purchased this product so i have limited input into whether i really like it or not

  16. John Buffam

    Works well for a very good price

  17. tim maxwell

    good looking product, in stock, timely delivery, easy to use, works great as a shaver or hair trimmer

  18. Damion Taylor

    Good product for the price range. However product does get caught in thicker hair.

  19. Guillaume Masse

    Great product user friendly it is easy

  20. India Taylor

    Find the charge meter helpful. Give us a clean shave.

  21. Lloyd Boone

    Very nice product for the price. It’s rather hard to choose which Brand of product to buy in this category with so many choices, most with the same features and at roughly the same prices.

  22. Ricky Ho

    The razer is very good. It makes no difference with other expensive brand-name razor. It comes with different trimmer and clipper combs which are suitable for all my daily requirement. Its waterproof feature also make me easy to clean after using.

  23. Jaspar Bienzle

    This was alright. Lots for me to write here sorry I don’t know what to say and you guys want me to write using lots of characters. Hope this is enough

  24. Josiah Coloma

    Convenient and great for the price.

  25. Amy Dao

    Love how high quality and bang for your buck that you get!

  26. Gerald McKinney

    Shaver irritated my skin. Shave was not very close

  27. Louisa Li

    The design of this product is simple and user friendly. Multi functions and great for both men and women!

  28. gary ong

    love the product ill buy again and gift it

  29. Jennifer melendez

    It works very well and is functional especially during the pandemic where I am not able to go to a barber. It’s also high quality and I am very pleased with this product.

  30. Uriel casas

    Well the product is really good the design and the one thing that I like is the different head shave or cut hair and the other one to shave just what I was looking for.

  31. Cole Riley

    Very good price point for the many features and attachments that come with the device. Very competitive.

  32. Ahmad alizadah

    Will scrolling through Amazon I wanted a shaver with a good design and for a good price. Then I found your shaver. I’ve been using it for almost a week now and it’s amazing!

  33. Ilyes Gasmi

    Great. Very easy to use. Cant trim beard with it because the options are too long.

  34. David Ratté

    Good feeling, use only one time but at least a good purchase

  35. Dolores Ostapyshyn

    Good value for the price. It arrived as promised. Hi

  36. adrian fehr

    its new to me and its good that you can get a shaver and clips in one and just have to switch it over, so thats awesome

  37. maxime

    so far so good. love the digital batterie % screen.
    easy to swap blades.. The close shave is doing the job.

  38. Andriy Kovalchuk

    feels like something of higher price than it actually is

  39. Vito Daniele

    I really enjoyed this product!

  40. Carl Gagnon

    Un produit de qualité avec un beau design à un prix très intéressant.
    Merci beaucoup

  41. Marc Catangay

    It is good, light and compact, I just wish it came with a case which I am willing to pay extra for.

  42. Louis Nadeau

    The value for the price really surprised me. It’s a must that I can use it in the shower to shave my head, it would be too messy elsewhere. Thanks for the great product, you nailed it.

  43. Sairam Nagarajan

    Good design, user friendly features

  44. Jason Jones

    I was pleasantly surprised with how great this product was. I wanted to get a new beard trimmer but what I got also cut my hair on my head really well. That was a great bonus.

  45. Kiver Heintz

    I really like the style and packaging!

  46. Marilyn Monterroyo

    It is easy and convenient to use

  47. Aros

    This is cool product!
    Thank you

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