Ceenwes Electric Razor Waterproof Hair Clippers

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  • 【Smooth & Close Shave】This 3D rotary shaver can adjust heads automatically according to every curve of your neck or face, minimizing pressure and irritation on your skin.The dual self-sharpening blades can shave even the shortest details hairs on the neck,sideburns and behind the ears. 4 different size guide combs make you easy to cut your favorite hair length.
  • 【Versatile & Quick Charge】This electric shaver is multifunctional razor for many different purposes.Hair and beard are available in same time. Hair clippers charge up fairly quickly.only 90 minutes charging then you could use it about 45 minutes.
  • 【Waterproof & Quiet Operation】Mens electric razor support Dry and Wet application.Feel free to apply shaving cream before shaving without worrying about damaging device.The blades is detachable,and it’s easy to empty the hair from the chamber and rinse under cold running water. Quiet Operation make your kids or babies feel at ease while cutting hairs, not afraid haircut any more.
  • 【Ergonomic Design】Ergonomic handle of electric razor for men, which is fitted to ensure a comfortable and secure grip, This hair clippers also have alternative speeds (high and low) to your need, allow you to dedicate yourselves with the utmost care to your beard ,mustache and hair. This shaver has intelligent LCD display to indicate the charge of the shaver from 1-99.
  • 【Two Ways to Charge】Charge Directly with Official Adapter;Charge with Charging Station AdapterCharge with Charging Station Adapter


Product Description

206 reviews for Ceenwes Electric Razor Waterproof Hair Clippers

  1. Elizabeth Gowder

    I bought this item for my 14 year old son who is unhappy with his growing amount of facial hair, yet not quite ready to shave with a straight razor. Also, this will come in handy for tidying up his wild mane of hair while we are on quarantine and unable to see our normal hairdresser.


    Just what I needed during the pandemic. It does every thing that I bough it for. Easy to use and shaves and cuts hair. Gives a good close shave.

  3. Reuben Kaiban

    I was hoping there would be more attachments for hair clipping, but for the price this model is pretty good. I like that it was charged and ready to use right out of the box.

  4. Isreal Haggerty

    In cutting my son’s hair, I found the clippers to work just fine. I love that they were fully charged and have no cord.

  5. Steven Rebelo

    Feels like high quality, I like how easy it easy to clean and change attachments.

  6. Lawrence Liu

    In light of all that is going on with the pandemic, I was desperate to find an easy-to-use, fairly priced, but still high quality set of clippers to cut my hair. This hit on all those fronts, was (amazingly) still in stock and arrived extremely quickly. I am very satisfied with the product and would recommend.

  7. Barbara Peacock

    Looks like it has lots of different options to choose from

  8. Gabriella Granados

    Would like to know what is in the little bottle of liquid

  9. Sharon Williams

    It’s a replacement for one I got my husband a few years back and one piece broke so had to buy whole new set, but he loves it.

  10. Vito Ciaravino

    Waaaay better than my beard trimmer

  11. Renata Ururhay

    Great design. I appreciate the multi functionality of the product!

  12. Blaine sullivan

    It cleaned up my hair on my neck and around my ears very well. A boon right now as there are no barbers

  13. Erajh Panditaratne

    I like it a lot. Easy to use. I have cut my and my 6 year old son’s hair with it. Good product.


    So far okay. My brother used it to shave several days of beard growth. Next, my dad gets a haircut.

  15. Karla Larson

    Works fine so far for trimming hair while under stay at home orders.

  16. Tom McEntee

    Good set of functions for the price. The shaving heads are completely effective on first couple of passes – need to shave same areas multiple times for a clean feel.

  17. Arnold Hirsch

    very satisfied with style and ease of usage.

  18. Dilip Sivasankar

    Great value for money. Simple operation and have all required features from this product.

  19. Steve Smetana

    I’ve only used it a couple times but so far I’m very pleased with the product.

  20. Michael Tsisin

    I love everything about this product except I’m concerned about the Motor and the shavers hinges. I will however use your shaver and under warranty. If it breaks down I hope the next one will have a stronger motor inside. The hinges should be a little bit improved. otherwise this is the best shaver that I have used ever in my life that’s electrical.

  21. Kevin K Gusman

    Haven’t tried it yet, so I couldn’t honestly answer the two questions above

  22. Matthew Wright

    Easy set up and functional. Shave could be closer on the face

  23. Chester Chu

    I like this all in one set idea, plus the cradle hold everything in one place. I will never lose any loose pieces again.

  24. Daniel Kochman

    A useful tool for cosmetic needs.

  25. Michael Moore

    The product looks well made and sturdy. The trimmer head appears to be made so it is less likely to knick the skin

  26. Jeremy Levine

    Wireless and waterproof functionality in a clipper with different length settings are exactly what I was look for. Thanks

  27. Tyler Jones

    Love the quality of the shave as well as the organized stand

  28. James Fox

    Product works well as intended and charges fast, wish the charging stand had a bit more weight to it so it feels more secure when i put it to charge.

  29. B Heraty

    Arrived fast from amazon. Like the fact you can recharge it and comes with a stand/holder

  30. Judy Klette

    I like the fact that my husband and son can shave their face and cut their hair all with the same product

  31. Kayleigh Titterington

    I really enjoy the organization of the stand.

  32. Anthony DiOrio

    I love the brand overall gives a grate shave and i can even use it to cut my hair i belive which is grate becuase of this covid-19 restricted movement

  33. Anthony Gagliardi

    Love it. Does the job. I like the fact that it can be used wet or dry. I like that it is Fast charging. It also has a nice organizer/storage tray. Bought this for myself, but after my wife saw it I am sure we will be investing in another

  34. Aaron

    Great price, like the design and portability. All around great product

  35. Cris Garcia

    Have not used the product too much so my opinion is not solidified. Worked well the first time.

  36. Zachary Howard

    I enjoy the quick charge aspect. I also like how it can be used in a shower. With the different trimmer heads it becomes very useful, especially given the current circumstances. Since I can not get a haircut, this razor makes it easy to make adjustments at home.

  37. Sharon Johnson

    I have used one similar to this razor and really used it almost every day. The razor does a fine line if needed and trims all stray hair.

  38. Daniel Adam Matakitis

    Great to have ability to trim hair and shave face all in one product. 🙂

  39. James Shiflet

    So far so good. Not as smooth as my last one but time will tell.

  40. Donald Muskevitsch

    I love that it is wet and dry and that it is a trimmer also. Works great for the price.

  41. Steven Toedtli

    I got this for my elderly parents and they love all the features about it.

  42. Osmani J valle

    Me parece un producto de muy buena calidad en base a su precio

  43. Neil Pagunsan

    The first time I used it, it felt very comfortable. I enjoyed the smooth feeling on my face after using it and how it didn’t hurt my skin after using the product. Thanks so much for your great work! Greatly recommend this product!

  44. Brittany Killoren

    I love that you get so many attachments for such a small price tag.

  45. LK Swansey

    I’ve been trying to find a women’s electric razor and trimmer, I keep my hair very short, for years and have bought many that have left me disappointed so I decided to take a chance on this product. After using it a couple of times, in so far quite happy with my purchase.

  46. MikeCrowe

    Just received this product used once👍

  47. John W Ridgeway

    I was able to use it right out of the box. The razor is a little rough on my face but works well.

  48. Samar Muftah

    I bought this item for my father and he love it. Now I will buy another one for my husband. It will be highly appreciated if you can send or email me a coupon or some especial discount.

  49. Vanessa Brito

    I love the way it cuts the hair

  50. Douglas DeCamella

    waiting to see if this gives closer non irratating shaves., and if charging time left will be accuriate.So far shave is not close enough, and some irratation too.

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