Ceenwes Electric Razor Waterproof Hair Clippers

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  • 【Smooth & Close Shave】This 3D rotary shaver can adjust heads automatically according to every curve of your neck or face, minimizing pressure and irritation on your skin.The dual self-sharpening blades can shave even the shortest details hairs on the neck,sideburns and behind the ears. 4 different size guide combs make you easy to cut your favorite hair length.
  • 【Versatile & Quick Charge】This electric shaver is multifunctional razor for many different purposes.Hair and beard are available in same time. Hair clippers charge up fairly quickly.only 90 minutes charging then you could use it about 45 minutes.
  • 【Waterproof & Quiet Operation】Mens electric razor support Dry and Wet application.Feel free to apply shaving cream before shaving without worrying about damaging device.The blades is detachable,and it’s easy to empty the hair from the chamber and rinse under cold running water. Quiet Operation make your kids or babies feel at ease while cutting hairs, not afraid haircut any more.
  • 【Ergonomic Design】Ergonomic handle of electric razor for men, which is fitted to ensure a comfortable and secure grip, This hair clippers also have alternative speeds (high and low) to your need, allow you to dedicate yourselves with the utmost care to your beard ,mustache and hair. This shaver has intelligent LCD display to indicate the charge of the shaver from 1-99.
  • 【Two Ways to Charge】Charge Directly with Official Adapter;Charge with Charging Station AdapterCharge with Charging Station Adapter


Product Description

106 reviews for Ceenwes Electric Razor Waterproof Hair Clippers

  1. Dulen nanchhing gurung

    Perfect machine for me. I just used it and was very impressed with this quality for this price.

  2. Oscar Guzman

    i like it. Really easy to use.

  3. Daniel Schmidt

    The product works really well and the charging dock is very useful as well. It keeps all the pieces in one place.

  4. micgael w fretwell

    the charger/caddy is one of the better features

  5. Rogelio Melendrez

    great product !!! Easy to use and very reliable.

  6. Wendy Drake

    Seems very easy to use and change functions. So far so good.

  7. Joel Tavarez

    More instructions on the box. It did not ship on time.

  8. Paul Scanlon

    So far, it works well. I’ve used it to shave and just used it to cut my hair. I like the charge indicator and the dual speeds, and the hair trimmer guides are easy to use and the trimmer cuts well. The only limitation is that I can’t use it to trim my beard, as I keep it shorter than the shortest guide, but I knew that going into the purchase.

  9. Rajeev Ranjan

    Not used it much.i have not used it much to conform an opinion yet. But it seems like a good kit.

  10. Denise Melendez

    It’s really good, I would recommend this product to my family and friends. The design and functions is what I like. I like that I can put it under water.


    I love using it. It’s so easy to use and easy to clean as well. It also has an easy charging function which makes it useable for not just me but for the older people in my family.

  12. Robert P King

    good so far. time will tell. and so and so forth

  13. Jeremy Bullock

    Works great. I like the stand that can hold all the attachments. Provided a nice haircut. Easy to use.

  14. Kaliah Conerly

    Great product also like very nice I would recommend it to anyone

  15. Anthony Barbosa

    Good design good price easy use and setup

  16. Karl Funk

    I like the price and how I can use it for both my beard and my head. If I use it for at least three haircuts, I have already made the investment worth it.

  17. mazin boudagh

    i love every thing about this products,its great all in one.i got it during stay at home and i happy with this

  18. Mike H.

    I shaved my head with it and it worked well and quickly. I’m happy with the results

  19. Vanessa Jellison

    Works great! Cut my husbands hair quickly and efficiently.

  20. David Madrigal

    Very pleaded with the purchase and look forward to years of use. Good buy!

  21. Mikail Saripolat

    I just start using so .so far so good .I wish you guys had more hair clipper inside so

  22. Christopher hernandez

    Good quality and versatile. I was shopping for one on amAzon and I’m glad I made this choice.

  23. Michael Landry

    No cord convenient to use not being tied to an extension cord.

  24. David Slater

    It worked well
    Perhaps could use a comb bigger than 1/2 inch tho

  25. Kimberley moser

    Bought to give my husband an at home haircut and it worked flawlessly

  26. Melissa Schneider

    It gives a good leg shave.. I will try the clippers soon.

  27. Steven Sueki

    Rating upon 1st box opening and product. Shaved once but good combination as was also looking for hair trimmer.

  28. Joel Weina

    Easy to use. Good value for the product you get

  29. David Borman

    Works surprisingly well. The battery display is helpful. Very lightweight and easy to use.

  30. Edgar campos

    excelente y conveniente y completo

  31. Jihae Hwang

    I have not used it much yet, so I can’t comment much on how well it works just yet. The only reason why I did not give it the full rating was the plastic felt a bit flimsy than expected and seems like it could break pretty easily when not cared for correctly.

    Otherwise, I liked the fact that it came fully charged so that I could test it out right away. I will need some additional time to see how well I like the product in terms of the functionality.

  32. Jeffrey Ransom

    I like because it a good price and my brother used it an tood me about it . So I wanted to get it a see and he is right about it I am plus it’s rechargeable to

  33. Mark Rothstein

    On stay-at-home order. Could not get my hair cut at the spa. Had my wife cut my hair. Looks great. Will pay for itself with one more use. Thanks.

  34. Krystle Webb

    I have not tried it but I like that it is multi purpose and is waterproof the added lifetime warranty is amazing also

  35. Zoya Chaudhry

    It is so smooth! I gave my fiancé a haircut from it and we are quarantined right now so it was extremely efficient and easy. Thanks for a great product!

  36. Priya Parikh

    NOT used yet. Looks Promising. Still learning to use this for hair cutting purpose . Will update Review after using it

  37. Courtney Reyes

    I have only had the product a few days but the price was great and it works really micely and smoothly!! Easy to use!!!

  38. Hymie Polania

    I love that the guard stays in tact doesn’t shake they give you oil and a brush and the attachments are a1. The charging station is cool.

  39. Safeer Bhatti

    Looks like it is worth $200.00 thank you

  40. Binila Nanedirige

    It is good so far. I didn’t try it yet.

  41. Brennon Shanks

    The product worked well for shaving my head, which was I got it. The blade is not as nice as other razors I’ve used, but for the price it is a good deal.

  42. Robyn Martial-Wright

    I wish the razor had a cleaner cut but overall a good product.

  43. Monique Fix

    Just got it in the mail yesterday and already love it. I love the waterproof and the quick connect. Makes it easy to switch razors when needed. Super easy to clean.

  44. Randall Allen

    Very easy to use and works great!

  45. Jason rawlings

    Easy to use, cost effective nice holder for bathroom easily rechargeable

  46. Gerald E Schmidt

    It was easy to use as my wife had never cut hair but on her first try did well enough for me to go to my medical practice

  47. Danielle L. Bryant

    Product came fully charged so I was able to use it straight away. Used it to cut my son’s hair and they worked perfectly. Cutting was so smooth and quick. Love that it comes with different gaurds and the detailer lined him up very well. Love that I can travel with it and give him a quick cut on the go! Will definitely be recommended by me!

  48. Sabino Hernandez

    It’s well built and really handy I can’t wait to try it out.

  49. Chad Young

    Love it so far. Like how I can charge and keep everything together in one place. Also like how the battery level is display so you know if it’s low on battery.

  50. Ezrali Gube

    Design and function is great. Still testing all the usage.

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