Ceenwes Hair Clippers 3-Speed Rechargeable Cordless Haircutting Tools

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  • 【Quiet Operation Hair Clippers】Precision motor, low vibration and ultra quiet design, free it from work noise with only about 50 db, to help kids and babies feel at ease, not afraid haircut any more.
  • 【Self Hair Cutting System】New user friendly, the hair clippers support 3 different speed setting, the blade of hair clippers support precise length setting adjustment range from 0.8mm to 2.0mm. Besides, it comes with 8 different size guide combs((1mm-2mm-3mm-6mm-9mm-12mm,Left Oblique, Right Oblique) to help you to adjust to the proper height. Now you can easily trim hair perfectly even if you are green hand.
  • 【Safe and Sharp Blade】Our hair clippers is a 33 teeth titanium-ceramic blade combining with the ceramic movable blade , compared with the traditional 24-tooth cutter head, the cutting is smoother, provides excellent cutting performance and long life
  • 【LCD Display】The clipper is designed with a LCD display, real-time display the power of the Li-ion rechargeable battery helping you control the work better.
  • 【Efficient Haircut】Inclued 8 guide combs,a long comb and a barber cloth.3-speed adjustable high-speed turning motor, make trimming more efficient


Product Description

500 reviews for Ceenwes Hair Clippers 3-Speed Rechargeable Cordless Haircutting Tools

  1. Brooke McBride

    So far so good. I just bought this to cut my husbands hair. I started cutting his hair due to covid. It’s been great to have a pair of clippers for this.

  2. Jude Dsouza

    Excellent product features, adjustable speeds, custom combs. Very durable build, powerful motor. Replaceable battery and battery indicator. Would recommend the product to others as a great value!

  3. Jean-François Gingras

    Cest super le fun l’utiliser mais un peu compliquer à ouvrir pour le nettoyer sans penser de le briser

  4. Laci casteel

    I have used it once so far and it has been great! Nice clean cut!

  5. Lee Kin CHAN

    The design of the clipper with lcd let us see the conditions of the battery charge and working conditions clearly. The clipper is very well designed with sharp cutting and low noise level. The provided 8 guides, sessor and come handy for a beginner like me. The life time warranty is another quality guarantee for the product.

  6. Yovanni Carrasco

    First time purchaser. I like the design and want to see how it work. Can’t wait to use the hair clippers.

  7. Jonah laist

    Great product for the price. Just received it and looking forward to using it

  8. Frankie Gauvin

    It works well. I can now do my husband’s hair the right way. I’m a former hairdressser.

  9. Alvin Parenteau

    Awesome design, easy to use, would recommend to everyone that has a home use for this price and product, very reasonable priced … TYSVM

  10. shawn goddard

    Very nice. Portable and does its job. Wish it had more sizes to choose from for cut length. Thank you.

  11. frederick

    happy with itmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  12. Franca Sicuso

    Perfect love it just what I needed

  13. Dave Chan

    Seems like it’s a solid device with a good build quality. Would love a waterproof version.

  14. Shamieka Kirksey

    I like the product. I purchased to cut my son’s hair during the pandemic. The quality is good and I love that the clippers are cordless.

  15. Amy Bronson

    its a great product i wish it has 0.5 MM

  16. Katie Richmond

    Easy to use. The controls are great. Not bulky case. A lot of accessories for it. It’s perfect for cutting my son’s hair and trimming my wife’s hair.

  17. Jeff Carlock

    This product works great so far and the lifetime warranty gives me confidence it will continue to work as advertised. The clippers feel very sturdy and well made and I love the reviews I read on Amazon. The long battery life is important to me and I’m glad to read the great reviews it gets in this area!

  18. Minh Phan

    Great design! Guards are a little difficult to clip onto but overall very nice 🙂

  19. Malika Valliani

    Looks good! Many different things in the professional package. Awaiting to use it!

  20. Preethi Singh

    great product for a great price. the setting make it easy, its rechargeable and great for regular use


    This is a high quality product

  22. Jessica Danley

    I like the fact that it is cordless

  23. Shakira

    Le rasoir étais parfaitement emballé aucun bris durant le transport. Il ne fais pas beaucoup de bruit lors de l’utilisation comparé aux autre modèle le style est magnifique et avec tout les accessoires on ne pouvais pas revé mieux

  24. Feraas Karkhi

    Cliper looks good bout hate that user part is plastic and bottom teeth matel the plastic dont think it will survive long.

  25. Sarah Busby

    Great quality
    Love the digital display
    Range of lengths

  26. Larry Holmes

    Quiet operation. Cuts great, no pulling of the hair. Digital display. Various speeds.

  27. Pratham Lalwani

    Extremely well made product. Battery indicator is just a life saver and good way to get a free haircut now.

  28. Michael Phan

    I would like the details on the manual a little clearer so i can understand it better.

  29. Adelita Cordero

    Love the clippers. The battery life is worth the purchase.

  30. Sherri K McGregor

    Love the selection of guards. Works great on my husband hair and beard.

  31. Brian Groh

    I was really surprised how good they cut for the price. I’ve bought clippers triple the price and they weren’t even half as good as these

  32. Wayne

    Greèeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaazt product

  33. Chrystal Donovan

    Thanks it’s a great product. My wife cuts my hair and says it’s smooth

  34. Wayne Powell

    Well built and only one criticism, on the Amazon Product page it shows a waterproof icon so I had hoped it would be that too, but the instructions say it is not. That should be corrected.

  35. Emily O

    I love this cordless hair clippers. I have been using it on my boys for at least 4 times now. I’m not a hair professional, but this clipper done the job. It was easy to use. I will recommend this product to anyone who is looking for something that is affordable and remarkable.

  36. Elizabeth Galaxy

    Looks very nice and modern, Love the screen. Came with many attachments that know will be super helpful. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  37. Dan Jacobs

    Quick and easy to use. I like the idea that it is wireless( battery operated) .

  38. Trevor Yatomi

    I liked it. I just have to learn how to use it. It works pretty well and it did a good job. Good product.

  39. teresa herrera

    I haven even used it yet I just wanted to register it.

  40. Steven Dennihan

    I love the product it’s a very good brand in a very efficient price

  41. Debra Smallwood

    It has a great design. It is quiet and works well. I used the clippers to cut my son’s hair and was happy with the result! I live that it shows when it needs oil

  42. Kimani Lapps

    I really like the light sleek design and silent hum. I like that its black, cordless and rechargeable instead of corded and if these gifts come with it, then it’s well worth the buy and recommendations


    Needed some hair clipper set. It looked as a good option for the prize.
    Fast delivery. Looks like a good item

  44. Eric Gassner-Wollwage

    Great features for the price of a rechargeable battery trimmer

  45. Jim Debner

    The main thing is that it works. It also looks great and has all of the attachments necessary.

  46. Khalid khan

    I am happy with this purchase , still early to evaluate the battery and blade life
    It’s has all the functions and combs that I need
    I like the 3 speed function. And is very quiet comparing to other clippers I owned

  47. Alexandra Velasquez

    It trends to over heat a little, but it cuts with an ease. Super happy with my purchase. My boyfriend loves his fresh cuts every week.

  48. Rumman Khan

    First time user and it seems like a good product. I hope battery can lost longer. I had to recharge in the middle of the haircut.

  49. Ryan Chambers

    Very versatile, smooth, quiet, and sharp. Like the LED screen and variable speed selection. Kit included a lot more guards than my current model and I appreciate that. Very nice!

  50. Christine Taylor

    It works well and I was afraid it would get caught in thicker hair but I did well.

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