Ceenwes Hair Clippers 3-Speed Rechargeable Cordless Haircutting Tools

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  • 【Quiet Operation Hair Clippers】Precision motor, low vibration and ultra quiet design, free it from work noise with only about 50 db, to help kids and babies feel at ease, not afraid haircut any more.
  • 【Self Hair Cutting System】New user friendly, the hair clippers support 3 different speed setting, the blade of hair clippers support precise length setting adjustment range from 0.8mm to 2.0mm. Besides, it comes with 8 different size guide combs((1mm-2mm-3mm-6mm-9mm-12mm,Left Oblique, Right Oblique) to help you to adjust to the proper height. Now you can easily trim hair perfectly even if you are green hand.
  • 【Safe and Sharp Blade】Our hair clippers is a 33 teeth titanium-ceramic blade combining with the ceramic movable blade , compared with the traditional 24-tooth cutter head, the cutting is smoother, provides excellent cutting performance and long life
  • 【LCD Display】The clipper is designed with a LCD display, real-time display the power of the Li-ion rechargeable battery helping you control the work better.
  • 【Efficient Haircut】Inclued 8 guide combs,a long comb and a barber cloth.3-speed adjustable high-speed turning motor, make trimming more efficient


Product Description

788 reviews for Ceenwes Hair Clippers 3-Speed Rechargeable Cordless Haircutting Tools

  1. Javier perez

    I like that the product is wireless, long lasting battery. Great quality


    Just received it and it works well so far

  3. Michael Burns

    Just got it and excited to use it

  4. David McGuckin

    I like the level indicator on the battery life,the power seems good so far and it is comfortable to grip

  5. Isidora Stankovic

    The product I have purchased works amazingly well for cutting hair, very sharp and precise.

  6. Adam Katz

    I think the functionality with the LED screen and the fact that it recharges an easily replaceable 18650 cell makes this an extremely good package for the price, and plenty of goodies in the box as well make it even better.

  7. Dilaxshan Ravinran

    Very good product and easy to use. Would recommend the product to everyone

  8. joella D brizuela

    I Love that it has a warranty and is rechargeable. Also that it was available during pandemic to help cut my hair. It saves me more money which makes my wife happy. It is also quality.

  9. Desmond Kerrigan

    So far I like the clippers and it being rechargeable comes in handy if you don’t have to buy batteries anymore I just like to know if there’s a way you can purchase another battery just in case this one dies. Looking forward to my free gifts especially the clipper oil to keep it nice and sharp and working perfectly

  10. Shubham Pai

    Love that scissors and comb was included

  11. Andrea

    Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na

  12. Kelli McNamara

    Very easy to use, love that the product is rechargeable and included a nice large comb.


    It’s a well built product. It’s heavier than other clippers i have used. I love the variety of combs that it comes with.

  14. Chris Barletta

    Nice design and lightweight. A bit loud, concern about bottom blade as plastic.

  15. Lenroy Brissett

    This was way better than I thought it would be

  16. Jonathan Fader

    The product works very well. It is quiet and has a long lasting battery. So far I am very happy with it.

  17. joe watt

    it’s good to have haircutting equipment to use during this quarantine time

  18. Eric Duong

    Good product. Been using an old shaver and you can feel the difference. High quality

  19. John Larsell

    Using it for hair and beard. Seems very nice. I would rate it higher after using it for 60-90 days if you want to send a survey.

  20. Leonard Foster

    The clipper feels good in my hand; good design and shape to it. I like that it is cordless too! Now, that I see all that comes with the clipper, I can see many more personal uses for it than just trimming my beard.

  21. Don Adode

    The shaver looks a bit bulky. It will be nice to reduce the size and weight of the device.

  22. Shawn P Savage

    It charged fast. It worked good.

  23. Sally Woo

    I bought it this week and had cut my hair and my wife’s. It was my first time to use it so we made some mistake but not too bad.
    I can do better next time. First of all, the price $30 is reasonable and it is awesome that there are various cutting clip. Also it is easy to handle and smooth to cut. But the clip is not fixed firmly.

  24. Steven Owens

    I just received the product today and can’t wait to use it this weekend! Been needing a new pair of clippers! Hope these don’t disappoint!

  25. Shannen K Farrah

    I absolutely love this it’s nice and quiet it doesn’t heat up in my hand the blades are adjustable as well as the speed it came with a great pair of hairdressing scissors as well as the charger cord and port also oil, cleaning brush, and many attachment heads, they feel super comfortable in my hand I love using it and my husband loves it because it doesnt snag or yank when I cut his hair.

  26. Emmanuel bush

    I love itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  27. Dearcie abraham

    Its wireless sleek light weight ha a ceramic blade….only a few guard sizes to choose from…. s Scissors suck my dollar store ones work better

  28. Maya H.

    It works fine and is a good product for the price point.

  29. Laura Critch

    Recieved the product today, used it to cut my kids hair, did a wonderful job! So easy to use, previously had a corded version from Walmart that was awful. This one did the job fast and no snagging or missed hairs. Guard clips helped too! Will definitely reccomend to friends


    Works great. Battery lasts extremely long. Digital display is very helpful

  31. Daniel Pearson

    This is a great product and a great value. I was looking for something to conveniently use myself and this product was highly recommended to me by a friend. I purchased it and it is exactly what I was looking for.

  32. nicolas luce

    I like that it is quiet and cordless.

  33. Rosemary Udoh

    This is my first time using this hair clipper. The hair clipper works fine.

  34. Heather Smith

    Was very impressed with the items received. Works great!

  35. Phu G Diec

    The clipper is amazing! One major flaw is that the clipper can burn out real quick. However, the best product ever purchased in terms of pricing, usability, functionality, etc.

  36. Connor Brown

    Great Product ceramic and titanium is good

  37. Geore-Durcyne Jean

    Very light and confortable.
    I use it to cut my own hair and my father’s and we are both satisfied

  38. Wu yukon

    Légèreté. Facile à utiliser et silencieux.

  39. Réjean Lapalme

    This product is very performant and easy to use. Many pieces to use for comfort

  40. Marilyn Deats

    Light weight and fits my hand perfect.

  41. Jessica Winsor

    only used once so far, but seems good! got the job done and was an excellent price!

  42. Sarah Debus

    It looks great. I need it for my dads hair and I think it will be perfect . Really looking forward to trying this clipper. I will recommend this forsure if was a great price

  43. Alysha Hovdestad

    Used it on my little sisters undercut and it worked soooo great! Now will be using it on my son and boyfriends hair

  44. Trevor McLeod

    This thing looks great. Just clipped up the beard. Going to do my sons hair today. Will update and review more on amazon

    Thank you

  45. William Harris

    I’ve always wanted to have a rechargeable shaver with speed xause of my thick hair

  46. Ahmad A.

    I just received it and tried it for the first time. So far it is not bad except I noticed that it loses the charge quite fast, I could see the number on the battery charge going down like in the matter of seconds. I wish it had more comb sizes at least 2 more sizes.

  47. Stephanie Lanari

    Charges fast like the design, function, good grip and everything that was included with it is a bonus!!

  48. Letitia Ross

    I would have said I love it, but I choose like. I don’t feel that it have enough horse power with it.

  49. Luis ortega

    Work perfect , its just what i was looking for

  50. Ina Lloshi

    I love it. It is so light and easy to maneuver. Love that it works without the plug with just batteries.

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