CEENWES Hair Clippers for Men Hair Removal Cordless Beard Grooming Kit

(293 customer reviews)
  • 【Adjustable Guide Comb Setting】Adjustable comb with 6 built-in length settings(4mm-24mm), Slide the Adjustment switch of ceramic blade according to your need(1.0mm,1.3mm,1.6mm,1.9mm), to achieve a wide variety of hairstyles and lengths.
  • 【Cord/Cordless Operational】Comes with a charging stand, 2.5-hour full charge for 150 minutes of cordless use.2000mAh high performance Lithium battery enable it to work more durable, ensures a fast charging and a long-lasting performance.
  • 【Easy to Clean】The detachable blade cutter can be easily removed and washed under the running water. Equipped with a cleaning brush, it is easy to detach and clean the blade.Washable design product is more conveniently to use and easier to clean.
  • 【Titanium Coated Blade】Superior cutting performance with titanium coated blades, offer you fast and safe hair cutting.  Hair clippers blades are removable and washable.
  • 【LCD display】Battery capacity(charging state of the battery is displayed in percent)/Lock Symbol, The hair clippers designed with a LCD display can clearly show the battery status,Suitable for professional and home use.



293 reviews for CEENWES Hair Clippers for Men Hair Removal Cordless Beard Grooming Kit

  1. Robert Spielman

    I like the product, the clippers are very nice.

  2. Tara guest

    Very handy works very well. My husband and son use it and love it.

  3. Steve Bissonnette

    Perfect for what i need to do for the price

  4. Tyler Lee

    Was very very happy with my order, for the price the product is strong, great quality and just so pleased!

  5. Johann Andres Yaqueno Cortes

    It has a really good price and good characteristics, I’ve had other clippers and this one cuts really well even slightly touching the hair, other clippers can pull your hair, it’s really great for the price

  6. Len Schweier

    The hair clippers works great. It is very easy to use and does everything you would want hair clippers to be able to do. As long as it keeps working this will be my go to brand when I need a new one

  7. William Jonathan Artero-lopez

    The power button looks a little fragile

  8. Robert O’Driscoll

    Great value overall and good design and seeming quality. I would have added more size options on the short end, otherwise great.

  9. Chongju Mai

    I love the product. the price and the functionality are amazing.

  10. Tuan Nguyen

    It looks great and has many functionalities at such a good price

  11. Arne Joris

    I like how the limit comb clicks very securely onto the trimmer. That avoids accidents if it falls off while you are in the middle of trimming your hair.

  12. Anyi Shi

    The manual can contain some simple introduction on how to make a haircut

  13. Linh pham

    Pretty easy to use , not too loud kinda quiet . Is good price

  14. Fanny Tsang

    This is very good and easy to use. My husband love it so much

  15. Aaditya Rajesh

    Seems to work well and looks professional.

  16. Chelsea Jennifer

    It’s really nice! it cuts off fast and has a lot of battery



  18. Gilles Ethier

    Bon produit, très performant. Chargement rapide et léger

  19. michelle rice

    Works perfect. Tried it on my husband hair and it did a great job on the cut and precision.

  20. Angela Fiore

    Good so far, it’s not noisy easy to use

  21. Jose Roxas

    I love the right and left oblique guide and the charging dock. It’s light and handy, happy that I bought it.

  22. Cindy Yeung

    I needed a hair chipper and this one suits it perfectly with all the different accessories.

  23. Abdelrahman Mohammedelfatih Awad

    It looks really fashionable and the price is good as well

  24. Johanne Riopel

    Très contente de mon achat. Enfin plus de fil dans les jambes! Les grandeurs de peignes sont parfaites.

  25. Jessica Harrison

    Fantastic value, works wonderfully, with no awkward cord to navigate. Very impressed.

  26. Rongzhi Li

    The price well, and the,stuff delivered is practical! Most importantly, the speed of express is excellent! The services quality is good as well, because the carrier sent me a message to let me kniw that my package has arrived, he rang the bell so that I know this, we have a friendly greeting.It is a very nice experience! Thank you very much.Next time I will also buy the commodities on amazon to enjiy the best services. But it is better to low the price in the future, I believe,the,sales volume will increase if the price becomes,cheaper and cheaper!!

  27. Sreya Sandeep

    We bought our first ceenwes hair clipper in 2020 during the outbreak of covid. My wife started cutting my dad’s and my hair since then.
    The first trimmer blade couldn’t fit once removed for cleaning purpose. So we ordered another Ceenwes last month and we love it.

  28. Decio andrade

    I ordered it at amazon cause it was a great price with a coupon it had lots of things with it good customer reviews and works good.

  29. Vijay Ramgulam

    First of it’s cheaper than alot of other clippers and much more durable, very sharp and works pretty good for a cheaper clipper. I would reccomend others to get ceenwes hair clippers 1 of the best I’ve used

  30. Elvin Méndez

    excellent product and very good price, I will recommend it

  31. Landon Andrews

    It has a nice feel
    Looks really nice and high Quality look
    Has a good variety specialty fitted guards for hair

  32. Myra Spear

    It’s such a sleek design but it has so much power! I’m impressed and very happy with my purchase!

  33. Kristen myo

    Really enjoyed it but time will tell if it lasts.

  34. Khoi nguyen

    I bought the product based on customer reviews and used it one time . So far so good. Only one negative thing about this product is I find it hard to change the comb other than that it works well.

  35. Sumit Poudel

    Easy to use and light weight but nice performance.

  36. Judy Musclow

    This product works well so far

  37. Lucas Lau

    The product is okay. Price is fine. Everything is okay

  38. P L Morgan

    I like the weight of the clippers; They’re light but they feel and look sturdy. This is my first experience with a ceramic blade. So far, so good.

  39. Henriette Nadon

    i like the product . I also like the variety of combs.

  40. Melanie frenette

    I receive it very quickky. Si far so good it work vers well im very happy With my purshase

  41. Chand

    Excellent product. I am loving lt.

  42. Mohammadamin Hosseini Kahnouei

    At first I have to use it but it’s vibration is a little too much

  43. Nick Myers

    Works great, and paid for itself after the first use!

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