CEENWES Hair Clippers for Men Professional Hair trimmer Grooming Haircut Kit

(297 customer reviews)
  • 【Adjustable Guide Comb Setting】Adjustable comb with 6 built-in length settings(4mm-24mm), Slide the Adjustment switch of ceramic blade according to your need(1.0mm,1.3mm,1.6mm,1.9mm), providing high-performance precision, greatly reduces the risk of nicks and cuts, offering you the best gentle smooth hair-cutting.
  • 【Rechargeable Clipper】2 hours full charge for 120 minutes of cordless use,100-240V dual voltage design ensures a fast charging and a long-lasting, perfect for worldwide travel use.
  • 【Ceramic-Titanium Blade】The stainless steel moving and standing blades with precision gap, deep close to the skin, more pruning and low-friction heat,offering you the best gentle smooth hair-cutting.
  • 【Powerful Motor Runs Quitely】 Clippers for hair cutting with precise motor can provides accurate and consistent performance, low vibration and ultra quiet design, to help kids and babies feel at ease, not afraid haircut any more.
  • 【LCD display】LED Panel with battery-level and motor speed control.Battery capacity(charging state of the battery is displayed in percent),The hair clippers designed with a LCD display can clearly show the battery status,Suitable for professional and home use.



297 reviews for CEENWES Hair Clippers for Men Professional Hair trimmer Grooming Haircut Kit

  1. Myrna Pierce

    Works great on my husbands hair

  2. Sherif Taher

    It’s very easy to use, very sturdy and a great product I would definitely share the product with my family and friends the trimmers is very smooth , not loud what’s so ever and trims very nicely I’m happy I got this trimmer it has made things allot easier for me.

  3. Darren mason

    I love this does a great job easy to use I like the design of the clippers l like how they have different speed and how it shows how much battery life there is

  4. Angus Lau

    Very good and excellent haircut and the product was very powerful and ready to charge and hold with my hands. I recently broke my hands and desperately needed a haircut and this product really hit the spot. Thanks very much for creating such a wonderful product. I gave myself a wonderful looking haircut and it was very professional. Sincerely, your biggest fan.

  5. Widens Maurice

    i like this product because it easy to use .

  6. Donna Zekany

    I like the fact it is cordless and slim

  7. Ching Kwan

    Just received the product and do not have a chance to test it out yet.

  8. Travis Davis

    Quieter then other clippers and having the ability to change the rpm is really nice. Also enjoy having the adjustable blades for closer cuts or in between better then just two adjustments.

  9. Richard

    A very good product for a good price

  10. Amro Afzal

    Very good product, i just used it today, blades are sharp.

  11. Iman Hamidi

    I need exactly this product, lcd is very functional, everything is good.

  12. Mani Harbans

    Works good for the price bought it for a gift for my grandfather he seems to like it and it does a fine job at cutting his hair but he don’t have much.

  13. Rodney Munn

    The combination of look, function, quality, length of battery, and rechargability makes this a very desirable product. I suffer from male pattern baldness, and so I made the decision to keep my hair cut as short as possible. This product will help me do that. Thanks.

  14. Jomey Olickal

    This product is very good. Light sound and friendly. And easy to handle it. I will recommend to my friends.
    Thank you

  15. Tahira Rana

    For this price it is a good product.

  16. Peter Stoll

    So far this works very well, and is very stylishly made!

  17. Harold Countryman

    Just recieved them waiting to charge. Will update once used.

  18. Laura Woofenden

    It’s a very reasonable price. Will recommend this product to others. Fast shipping.. easy to hold . Like the LCD display like that’s it’s wirelessly.

  19. Brian Mooney

    Product came quickly. Exactly as shown of Amazon.ca. Seems to work well. Will see how hair cut turns out!

  20. Alexi Baccardax Westcott

    We bought these for our four year old son who does not want to see a hair dresser to cut his hair. They worked very well for us and he was happy with the haircut too.

  21. Silvia Prospero

    Great product.. seems like a professional hair clippers and cuts hair really well

  22. Tareque Siddique

    I love the clippers. The bigger one is perfect what I was looking for. The price reasonable too. Looking for a long time for this kind of product.

  23. Phyllis Chilvers

    Only used it once and was impressed with the quality and ease to use.

  24. Marc Bourgon

    So far so good. Im comfortable with the weight and shape of the clipper at this point and time. Shipping was excellent.

  25. Gangadhar

    Good product to be used, very flexible and easy to be used

  26. Khem Grg

    It is easy and convinient to use. Love it.


    J’adore le produit il ce tien bien en main et l’écran lcd est tout simplement formidable

  28. Dean Simmons

    Everything is great about it, love the percentage display and the ability to control the speed/power usage.

    Exception, the way that it is charged doesn’t use a traditional USB port. This this ties it strictly to AC power without splicing in a usb interface onto the proprietary charging plug. In other words, there are no replacements for the charging cable. Price was right otherwise!

  29. Gedalya Tzudik

    good design. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  30. Jeffrey Grant

    This product is amazing. The size is good and it comes with all the different size guards I needed. It cuts really good and it’s quiet.

  31. Ismael Pech

    I am happy with the choice I made in purchasing the product. The display feature is just awesome.

  32. Zhenhong Lin

    Works perfectly. It’s quiet. works great. price is good I will use it for my kids and myself.

  33. Terry Bedell

    Product looks sleek and professional great digital display. Great selection of clipper guides, clippers feel good in the hand.

  34. Brandy Burns

    It’s a good made product and for the price it’s very functional

  35. Matthew Schell

    Ok Not too bad I used it on my sister’s house

  36. Barb Boyer

    Nice shape razor, like the charger for the wall, the sound Is great,
    Love that it tells you how much time is left. The different ends
    are just prefect, I can always find what I need.

  37. Dana Saindon

    Very easy to use, price was right. I tried this for the first time on Saturday and the results were great! Will definitely recommend to others.

  38. Hunter Mathewson

    Like it was cordless. It was easy to use.
    Easy maintenance. Loved the digital display of how much power was left


    Nice product and fast charging battery, The blade was good so far

  40. Maria Duran

    Great price good quality product

  41. Shirley Harnden

    both my wife & I are in our mid 80’s, because of Covid restrictions unable to get our hair cut. Yesterday we cut each other’s hair, it went very well with our new hair clippers

  42. Jennifer Sarrazin

    I love it and can’t wait to use it

  43. Nat Setford

    Works great! Very good function for low price and the user manual is very helpful

  44. Lunshan Gao

    Excellent design and easy to use

  45. Anne Blumenthal

    Easy to use, once I figured it out. I just love all the different lengths. I recommend this for everyone. Phenomenal, better than expected!!!

  46. julien chin

    The clipper are neat, it came with a lot of different options and the package was nice. I wanted the Amazon gift card as the free gift but you guys did me dirty and didn’t let me choose it

  47. Antonio Cedeno

    Great product. Pleasantly surprised

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