Ceenwes Hair Clippers Heavy Duty Clippers for Men

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  • 【Self Hair Cutting System】The hair clippers support 3 different speed setting: 5000RPM, 5800RPM, 6500RPM. The blade of hair clippers support precise length setting adjustment range from 0.8mm to 2.0mm. Besides, it comes with 8 different size guide combs to help you to adjust to the proper height. Now you can easily trim hair perfectly even if you are green hand.
  • 【Ergonomics Design】Ergonomic handle of hair clippers, which is fitted to ensure a comfortable and secure grip. R-type blunt angle design of blade prevents from accidentally hurting skin. Intelligent LCD Display can accurately show rotating speed, battery capacity, charge alert, and oil alert.
  • 【Titanium & ceramic blade】Titanium blade combining with the movable ceramic blade will not get rusty for long term cutting performance, sharpness and durability. Ceenwes hair clippers can effectively prevent skin irritation from the blade and give you a smoother cutting performance without stuck.
  • 【Quiet Operation Hair Clippers】3.7V superior rotating motor provide enough power to fast trimming your hair and cut through very smoothly. But low-vibration, precision motor ensures whisper-quiet operation and won’t scare your babies, make your kids and babies feel at ease, not afraid haircut any more.
  • 【Useful】Ceenwes Hair Clippers contain everything you need to groom your hair at home. No more expensive bills for trimming your hair and you can do it in an easy way.it’s very useful both in home and profession salon use!


Product description

Ceenwes Hair Clippers contain everything you need to groom your hair at home. No more expensive bills for trimming your hair and you can do it in an easy way.it’s very useful both in home and profession salon use!

Package included:
✔1×Rechargeable hair clipper
✔1×AC Power Adapter
✔1×Charging Dock
✔1×Cleaning Brush
✔8×Guide Comb Attachments(3-6-9-12-15mm, Left Oblique, Right Oblique, Thinning)

✔Built-In 2000mA high-performance environment-friendly battery
✔LCD Battery Indicator Screen
✔Ceramic Top Blade
✔Stainless-Steel Bottom Blade
✔Charge Time: 3 Hours
✔Run Time: 4 Hours
✔Input: AC 100-240V (50/60 Hz)
✔Output: DC 5V
✔Operating voltage: 3.7V

Warm Tips:
✔1. Please do not disassemble the product.
✔2. The hair clipper can not be washed. Please keep it away from wet conditions.
✔3.The product can only be cleaned by cloth with little water or mild soap solution.
✔4.Do not charge the product under environment above 40℃ or below 0℃.

396 reviews for Ceenwes Hair Clippers Heavy Duty Clippers for Men

  1. Angela Currie

    Very professional for a YouTube video graduate like me. 🙂

  2. Scott Garber

    Love it!! Have never ever cut my hair at home but from here on out no more barbershop!!

  3. Shelly Smith

    Efficient packaging and design. Easy to use.

  4. Mark Jung

    I bought it because of the corona situation. I’ve just received it and I can’t wait for using it. It looks good enough and convenient since it tells battery life.

  5. Chris Duke

    I like the ability to use different blades.

  6. Matt Kleinke

    Only have had it for a few hours. Wanted to register immediately. build looks good, seems of high quality. Excited to get to use it!

  7. Leon Zar

    It was easy to use and did a very good job trimming my hair. I like that it came already charged. Instructions weren’t perfectly clear, but the diagrams were very helpful.

  8. Alyssa Fernandez

    I still need to test it out on my husband, but so far I love it. Great range of attachments. I chose this one because of the oblique combs. I’m very excited to try it out. The only thing I noticed is that the attachments don’t really snap into place, so I’m worried about them shifting during use.

  9. Danny Rodriguez

    Is good for now we trying and well see if work at least for a year

  10. Sal Davi

    Love the product has all the needed functions

  11. Patrick Wilson

    I have not used this product yet, so my ratings don’t mean anything.

  12. Stuart Finkelson

    This clipper is very good for the price. A bit noisy but gets the job down. I wish they had a few more sizes for the clipping guards.

  13. Larry


  14. Dalton Packard

    So far it’s a good looking and functioning product. Would like to have less noise when switching on/off or speeds, as someone with kids who aren’t fans if haircuts, the noise can be an extra distraction.

  15. James Wallin

    Videos or instructions for the following:
    – Chart that shows MM to Standard Barber #s (1,2,3,4,6 etc.)
    – How to use – Left and Right and Thinning


  16. Daniel Larson

    Very attractive style. Very quiet. Arrived in a well-designed box and was fully charged. Includes all the tools that I need. I expect to be using this clipper for many years.

  17. Jan Moramarco

    I loved the way it cuts my grandsons thin hair! The clippers are well made and come with everything you need to perform a nice haircut.

  18. Herbert Bree

    The product worked as intended.

  19. Pon Tran

    Nice . Has a free gift has cleaning oil

  20. Linda Carroll Spath

    Very sleek and well designed. Easy to use and functionality is impressive.

  21. Richard Pollack

    Have only just begun using the clipper. Actually waiting on scissors I ordered to come in, as well. Would be useful if you sold a package that included scissors and links to YouTube videos on haircutting with your product.

  22. Robert Pettyjohn

    Battery and number
    of cuts lengths

  23. Sydne Ryland

    I love how easy it is to use the battery life

  24. Brian Sloane

    Great price, and customer reviews. Looking forward top using these hair clippers!

  25. Terry Nevenner

    Pleasantly surprised at the great quality and of the lifetime warranty. This will pay for itself many times over by saving on trips to the barber shop. Thank you for an amazing product.

  26. Randy Sharff

    Good instructions. Came ready to go and did a good job.

  27. Ramakrishnan Sundararaj

    Not sure if other models (or items) in your product line includes a scissor as well, but it would be definitely worth it to include one in this particular product. Battery life is good.

  28. Stephen Kekich

    It works extremely well. Love the power it has.

  29. Emily Carlson

    Seems like decent quality but only time will tell. Reasonable price and it works nicely for my home use purposes. I’m a dog groomer but needed a separate cliper for human hair as I’m the barber for 4 family members during the pandemic.

  30. Andrew Freyman

    I have only used the product once so far, but I’m glad there are 3 speed settings and that it is wireless. The product came fully charged which was nice.

  31. Hyun Ghang Jeong

    I want additional blade for longer than 18mm.

  32. Yeily A Neco Padilla

    I bought it for my husband and he is in love with the product, It has a variety of speeds and uses, and with these gifts It will be even better because I like helping him and we do really need this extra. Thank you

  33. Joe Swetland

    Such an amazing product. The quality is so much better than alot of the higher priced clippers in the market. By far the best clippers I’ve purchased.

  34. Jane Burstein

    It is very nice how it comes with so many accessories. I really feel like I have everything I need to cut my hair at home successfully.

  35. Gregg Grattan

    This unit has a solid feel and is pretty quiet. I haven’t used it long enough to know about the blade quality but I think it will hold up really well from what I have read.

  36. Angel Smith

    I think that CEENWEST Professional hair clippers are the best set of clippers I have ever owned I am very pleased with them and would buy them again.

  37. Jeff Ehret

    I like all of the included items in the kit (# of attachments, scissors, etc). That was a selling feature. HOWEVER, my unit does not charge in the cradle and only charges if i plug the adapter directly into the unit and lay it on its right side. If i lay it on its left side on on its “back” it does not charge. The red charging light goes on and off repeatedly if i move the unit around while charging. How do i get a warranty replacement on this? If the unit were able to charge correctly I think it would be a suitable unit for light duty use.

  38. Joe Specht

    Haven’t used clippers yet but have great reviews on line so I thought I would give it a try

  39. Rachel Roy

    Great price. Eager to try it on my fiancé and both of my boys. I like that the kit includes so much. I was impressed by the reviews and photos.

  40. TJ HALL

    I like really like how it has a heads up display on the front that indicated battery life and speed of the product

  41. James Flees

    I love it. Its quieter than expected and works great. My dad even uses it and my mom wants to use it. Thank you for making a great product!

  42. Mark kennedy

    I just received this razor so I can’t say to much about it but in the future I will give you my opinion

  43. Mariush Chmiel

    I like the charging stand I like the charging stand I like the charging stand I like the charging stand

  44. Elijah Barton

    These clippers are amazing! You can tell that the quality is very high

  45. Zack Edwards

    I just received my clippers yesterday never had heard of this brand before but liked the look and price so I started reading reviews and all I seen was nothing was there but good reviews and I used it for my first time and had absolutely nothing bad to say about it I fit great in my hand was quite it didn’t have vibrate my whole head or anything I have already talked a co-worker in to buying a set on payday

  46. Denisse Silva

    The hair cutter worked outstandingly well on our first try at cutting the hair off my husband’s head. After we finished the battery still maintained 80% battery life, even though there was a lot of haute to cut off

  47. Sebastian Velasquez Ramirez

    The product is amazing. It’s so portable, have enough power to cut small pieces of hair. Also, the batterie is awesome.

  48. Mark

    Just received. I like it so far.

  49. Michael Smalls

    I had a previous one and I loved it. So I wanted to try this one. So far so good. I have no complaints at all cant wait to use it

  50. Diane Parker

    this is the best trimmer I’ve ever bought .My daughter brought her husbands trimmer down stair when my hair dresser came over to do our hair my daughter gets her head shave trimmed close from the ear to ear keeping the top long so you can only see the short or shave designed when she puts her hair up in a ponytail. well my husbands Wahl trimmer broke so the hairdresser used my son-in-laws I was so amazed at how it worked being cordless I needed to buy one for my husband seeing that my son-in-law loves his and he shaves his whole head and hasn’t had a problem so I’m hoping to have the same experience he has

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