CEENWES Hair Clippers Professional Hair trimmer Quiet Cordless Hair Cutting Kit Beard Trimmer

(412 customer reviews)
  • ✂【Sharp Blade&6 Combs& 1Hairdressing Cape】Men’s Grooming Kit with Titanium acute-angle blade combining with the ceramic movable blade for smooth and efficient cutting,the fine-tuning knob offers five level of length (0.8-2mm)for precise adjustment on hair length.With 6 attachment guide combs: thinning-out, (3mm/6mm/9mm/12mm/left oblique/right oblique) and Hairdressing Cape .skin-friendly contour-following combs make it safe, easy, comfortable.
  • ✂【Low Vibration/Quiet & Cordless/Cord】Beard Trimmers with Precision motor, low vibration and ultra quiet design, free it from work noise with only about 50 db, to help kids and babies feel at ease, not afraid haircut any more.Cordless Hair Clipper makes you convenient for self hair cutting and safe for wet hair cutting.R-shaped Obtuse Angle Blade Protects yourself from accidental injury, suitable for both adults and children to use safely.Cord and Cordless for your reference .
  • ✂【High Capacity Battery】Cordless Hair Trimmer with the high-quality 1500mAh lithium battery can last 3Hrs of running time after 4-5 hours full charged, the USB charging plug ensures that you can find the charging source conveniently, whether at home or on the travel:) 
  • ✂【Whole Body Washable】100% IPX7 waterproof Mustache Trimmer allows you to clean in running water quickly, easily clean machine after each use to keep it neat.
  • ✂【Adjustable】The ceramic Blade and titanium blade is adjustable with a rotating dial which gives you the precise and close grade trims. The cutting lengths (0.8 /1.0/ 1.4 / 1.8 / 2.0mm) are marked on the cutting length control ring.


✂ Professional & Waterproof Hair Cutting Kit
The ceramic Blade and titanium blade is adjustable with a rotating dial which gives you the precise and close grade trims. The cutting lengths (0.8 /1.0/ 1.4 / 1.8 / 2.0mm) are marked on the cutting length control ring.
ON/OFF button can adjust 2 speed of blade, you can also use it shave daily stubble.

✂Convenient USB Quick Charge
USB quick charged convenience allows charging anywhere at any time. You can charge by computer, power bank ext.

✂1500mAh Lithium Ion Battery
Long-lasting powered 1500mAh battery provides up to 3Hrs of run-time after 4-5h charge and the life of battery more than 3 years.
By the way, the LED battery power display indicates the amount of charge on the battery.

✂ 3.7V high power Motor
Super strong power for cutting hair, no necessary to pull on your hair or go over the same spot numerous times. Precise even cut will make you satisfied for each use.

✂ Worldwide Voltage
100-240V Voltage makes this device a universal use for anywhere.
The professional hair clipper is so light it can be easily carried and packed, which is perfect to take it to travel.

✂100% Waterproof
You can use the clipper whether in the shower or in the usual time, don’t worry about its waterproof performance.

✂6 guide combs
Guide combs (3mm/6mm/9mm/12mm/Right comb/Left comb) to achieve a wide variety of hairstyles & lengths for easy at-home haircuts. This full set of attachment has everything you need for trimming to achieve professional results at home.

1*Hair Clipper
6*Limit Guide Comb
1*Hair Comb
1 *USB Charging cable
1 *Adapter
1 *Oil
1*Clean brush
1*Hairdressing Cape
1*Travel Bag
1*User Manual

412 reviews for CEENWES Hair Clippers Professional Hair trimmer Quiet Cordless Hair Cutting Kit Beard Trimmer

  1. Kaley Olson

    I love how quiet it is. My son is very sensitive so hopefully this will work well for him.

  2. Carl Johnson

    This is really nice and lightweight. I love that it’s rechargeable and there’s no cord in the way.

  3. Brian Gabbard

    My wife uses it to cut my families hair, well only the males. The females are too good to get at home haircuts. I am one of the only people at work with a haircut.

  4. Eshan Dave

    Top blade is not ceramic but rather white colored plastic.

  5. Michael Scarangella

    Works great, easy to use. Only concern is I don’t feel the clips lock onto the razor tightly enough.

  6. Anica Lee

    I just got it so did not have chance to use it. It looks awesome and I am hopeful that it will also work great

  7. Matthew Blair Davis

    Just used it for the first time and I was able to trim my beard really well. I like that it goes down to .8mm for stubble, I like to trim my beard very low just due to having sensitive skin. No complaints after one use. The only thing I didn’t like was no oil came in the box.

  8. Adam Felibrico

    Probably like many here I bought this to give myself my first self cut due to the quarantine. This worked out very well for me. I learned a ton with this clipper and I think I might even try cutting my own hair from now on.

  9. Jianging mei

    I like this geenwes hair clippers, it looks very stylish. It made by very good material, easy to used, cordless and quite. It also waterproof, I can washed it every time after I used, easy for me to clean it. Also It is very nice come with a bag too, good product, I will tell my friends to buy one too

  10. Robert Bryant

    have not used it yet it just arrived today

  11. Dexter Arver

    I bought this item because of the really great reviews on amazon. I actually wanted a different CEENWES item, but that one was sold out, so I bought this one.

  12. Brian Smith

    We just received it, and have not used it yet so this review is based solely on the design and feel. excited to try it out, thanks all!

  13. Tattwadarsi Biswal

    I like this product but don’t find clipper blade oil.

  14. Dylan Anderson

    Product works wonderful. Very great clippers for the value. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to try new clippers.

  15. Jeannie Habbart

    Very impressed with the charging system

  16. Jih-Lih Bai

    Just received the shipment and will try it later

  17. Cen Hu


  18. Sophia Xu

    I really like that it comes in a whole set and how it is waterproof.

  19. Darren Tsumura

    haven’t used it much. so far it looks good.

  20. Bill Rozier

    I just recieved the clippers and it is now charging. I’m looking forward to using them, unfortunately no oil was in the packaging. Not a huge deal, but it said it came with oil so now I will need to go get some oil. At least with the free gift I’m getting more oil. I would prefer extra oil versus the cape as I recieved one with my order. Thanks! Once I use, and here back from customer service regarding the oil, I will review on Amazon.

  21. Yvonne Y. Carmosino

    I have a friend that recommended this product to me because she is a hairstylist, and so I went and bought it due to everything being closed right now because of the pandemic. And we love it! Thank you so much.

  22. Alan Perkins

    I like that it is very quiet and very lo vibrations. Will be used to cut children’s hair.

  23. John C Bertot

    So far, I am enjoying the product. Is there a way to get additional cutting guards? I would like to get some that are longer than 12mm.

  24. Chuang kuo Yeh

    Easy to use, great result ! The sound when machine cuts is not too big, and I love four different lengths kit, I can choose how short I want to cut my hair.

  25. Yujin Lee

    I think it was worth it considering that the price was only 60 dollars. I have used a similar product but it got really weak as time went by so I am hoping this product stays consistent.

  26. Bo Barrios

    Works good and lightweight which is really good. I will recommend to family members.

  27. Roseann Nothstein

    I like the product I like how quite it was when cutting hair

  28. Vee Hawkins

    Just received and will follow up after I have used for at least six months to give a true feedback on product

  29. Matthew Pordes

    Great design. Love that you can read the amount of battery life. Great choice of clips. I wish there were a couple longer clips, but otherwise perfect. It’s a great set!

  30. Kevin Wu

    great to hold in your hand and a decient life span.
    hair gets stuck but easy to clean since it’s waterproof.
    clippers feel sturdy and easy to replace
    the accessories are nice.
    I don’t know how to use the “blade oil”, what is it for?
    My hair looks alright now, might be my own skill or the blades I don’t know

  31. joe gutierrez

    product works great and easy to use. I love the battery pct display. Like the huge amount of adapters for different length cuts.

  32. Syed Raza

    I have not yet started to use the product but I bought it based on customer’s review and rating.

  33. Brooks Boyd

    I just got it out of the box. So far so good. Everything is there and it’s fully charged.

  34. William Craig

    I just received the product today, and since I haven’t yet used it I can’t yet say how well it works. Seems to be a solid set of clippers though, and I’m confident I’ll be happy with it.

  35. Preston Perrigan

    The products fine, but I’ve had clipper’s from other brands come with more Guard options. I do like that this is wireless, but the adjustable speeds kind of pointless for simple haircuts like mine where it’s just a quick shave on the sides and done. Overall a decent product, no real complaints, but not anything groundbreaking.

  36. Valerie Gatchalian

    Nice cordless device. Using it to cut my partners hair. Enjoy the attachments and the set.

  37. Douglas Silver

    Works well with someone with no experience. Using during pandemic situation.

  38. Juan Gonzalez

    Stylish, lightweight, durable, will recommend to family and friends

  39. Yiran Li

    The product is good. It would be better to have a more detailed manual with better explanation on disassemble.

  40. Kazunobu Seimiya

    This hair clipper is easy to use as I expected. I am also satisfied with cutting performance.

  41. Robert Gielniak

    Well, to be honest, I wouldn’t have ordered this product if the world hadn’t been turned upside down
    because of Covid-19. However, I love this product, and it cuts awesome.

  42. Wenzhi Lu

    I received hair clippers and my wife cut my hair that is first time.

    Because of Coronavirus no barber available, so I bought this one I can do it at home.

  43. Renren Custodio

    Its great! Good quality material and can easily cut hair

  44. Hernando Javate

    First time to buy hair clipper, this is exactly what I want. I read great reviews and did not hesitate to get one. Great buy! I will recommend it to friends and relatives.

  45. Sherry Vesper

    Very easy to use, was wonderful to have a product like this during quarantine

  46. Jessica Recklaw

    Still need more time to use it before I fully review it on Amazon. The little oil bottle that was sent was half full, but not a big deal when you’re getting a great deal and free gifts with your purchase ( including oil) thank you!

  47. Ricardo Iglesias PTY 871183

    Awesome product, the clippers are the best

  48. Aleksi Sarkisyan

    The battery life is great. Digital number battery percentage display and its USB chargeable. Not very powerful and It doesn’t cut as short like my other clippers I’ve had. For the price these are actually pretty good clippers

  49. Angela Anderson

    It works very well and has a solid feel. My only complaint is the guide combs feel like they fit loosely and seem to wiggle a bit when using it. My concern is they may fall off during use or affect the evenness if the cut as they move around a bit.

  50. wei zhang

    fast shipping .the product is ok ,but I received a wrong version(german?) warranty card .

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