CEENWES Hair Clippers Professional Hair trimmer Quiet Cordless Hair Cutting Kit Beard Trimmer

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  • ✂【Sharp Blade&6 Combs& 1Hairdressing Cape】Men’s Grooming Kit with Titanium acute-angle blade combining with the ceramic movable blade for smooth and efficient cutting,the fine-tuning knob offers five level of length (0.8-2mm)for precise adjustment on hair length.With 6 attachment guide combs: thinning-out, (3mm/6mm/9mm/12mm/left oblique/right oblique) and Hairdressing Cape .skin-friendly contour-following combs make it safe, easy, comfortable.
  • ✂【Low Vibration/Quiet & Cordless/Cord】Beard Trimmers with Precision motor, low vibration and ultra quiet design, free it from work noise with only about 50 db, to help kids and babies feel at ease, not afraid haircut any more.Cordless Hair Clipper makes you convenient for self hair cutting and safe for wet hair cutting.R-shaped Obtuse Angle Blade Protects yourself from accidental injury, suitable for both adults and children to use safely.Cord and Cordless for your reference .
  • ✂【High Capacity Battery】Cordless Hair Trimmer with the high-quality 1500mAh lithium battery can last 3Hrs of running time after 4-5 hours full charged, the USB charging plug ensures that you can find the charging source conveniently, whether at home or on the travel:) 
  • ✂【Whole Body Washable】100% IPX7 waterproof Mustache Trimmer allows you to clean in running water quickly, easily clean machine after each use to keep it neat.
  • ✂【Adjustable】The ceramic Blade and titanium blade is adjustable with a rotating dial which gives you the precise and close grade trims. The cutting lengths (0.8 /1.0/ 1.4 / 1.8 / 2.0mm) are marked on the cutting length control ring.


✂ Professional & Waterproof Hair Cutting Kit
The ceramic Blade and titanium blade is adjustable with a rotating dial which gives you the precise and close grade trims. The cutting lengths (0.8 /1.0/ 1.4 / 1.8 / 2.0mm) are marked on the cutting length control ring.
ON/OFF button can adjust 2 speed of blade, you can also use it shave daily stubble.

✂Convenient USB Quick Charge
USB quick charged convenience allows charging anywhere at any time. You can charge by computer, power bank ext.

✂1500mAh Lithium Ion Battery
Long-lasting powered 1500mAh battery provides up to 3Hrs of run-time after 4-5h charge and the life of battery more than 3 years.
By the way, the LED battery power display indicates the amount of charge on the battery.

✂ 3.7V high power Motor
Super strong power for cutting hair, no necessary to pull on your hair or go over the same spot numerous times. Precise even cut will make you satisfied for each use.

✂ Worldwide Voltage
100-240V Voltage makes this device a universal use for anywhere.
The professional hair clipper is so light it can be easily carried and packed, which is perfect to take it to travel.

✂100% Waterproof
You can use the clipper whether in the shower or in the usual time, don’t worry about its waterproof performance.

✂6 guide combs
Guide combs (3mm/6mm/9mm/12mm/Right comb/Left comb) to achieve a wide variety of hairstyles & lengths for easy at-home haircuts. This full set of attachment has everything you need for trimming to achieve professional results at home.

1*Hair Clipper
6*Limit Guide Comb
1*Hair Comb
1 *USB Charging cable
1 *Adapter
1 *Oil
1*Clean brush
1*Hairdressing Cape
1*Travel Bag
1*User Manual

410 reviews for CEENWES Hair Clippers Professional Hair trimmer Quiet Cordless Hair Cutting Kit Beard Trimmer

  1. Miguel Ferzola

    I like the versatility of the product and like the fact that is rechargeable.

  2. Vicky Zhang

    Today is my first time to use this product on my husband. It is much better than the one I have at home. It is quiet and beautiful design. No complain. just suggest more details instruction in the instruction booklet and how to use different size combs with different hair style.

  3. brad wilkins

    Works great. Unable to get a haircut due to COVID-19. Great solution for doing it at home..

  4. Diane Tran

    Good product. Easy to use. Would likely recommend to others. Blade gets rusty fast so have to oil more often

  5. Mickie Day

    Works as described and really great to use during Covid-19 lockdowns and isolations.

  6. Samuel Carpenter

    Great product! Easy to use and handle with my limited barber skills.

  7. Terry Gagon

    So far it is a great product for survival in the COVID 19 pandemic. It is easy to use, feels good in the hands, and the end result is good even for amateurs.

  8. Cody Collins

    It trims up really well. Easy to use and easy to clean. I love all the settings.

  9. Stephanie kovalcik

    The product works as described. It’s very easy to manage and hold its charge for a long time. Love that it’s cordless.

  10. balraj dhaliwal

    good product , works well , easy to use , specially side brushes,
    charging system is good

  11. Maria Figueroa and Hector Carrillo

    This was purchased as my Father’s Day gift in 2020. Due to COVID-19 and lockdown measures, I will be using this biweekly.

  12. Patricia Lockwood

    These are great clippers. I would recommend them to all my friends and family members. I look forward to many many years of cutting my hair.

  13. Claudio

    Thus product worked exactly like I thought it would. Great and easy to use. I would highly recommend it.

  14. Lisa Peng

    It’s easy to handle and doesn’t weigh much. I feel comfortable working with it and the noise is neglectable. I like it very much

  15. Burt walker

    It did not come with the oil or the blade cover

  16. Michael sonnier

    Quiet clippers, awesome price, love the fast charging and how easy it is to swap between guards



  18. shelly parker

    I’m happy with this product sp far

  19. Danny Sales

    This is the second order from Amazon of these clippers. The first ones I had to send back to Amazon as they wouldn’t charge. So I’m hoping this clipper is all good. I did get it to charge up. Good sign.

  20. Kishor Bhatt

    I used it first time today, and it worked well.

  21. Sharad Gupta

    Easy to use. Arrived on time. Good charging.

  22. Paul Schlicher

    The product is easy to use and I enjoy the wireless capability of the unit.

  23. Pat Ramtahal

    I have never used a clipper before but my son and husband needed haircuts badly so I ordered this product. Very easy to use and got great results for a beginner. Easy to use with several different clips for hair length. I would recommend this product.

  24. Mary Jane Mitchell

    I really like the product. I am a female with short hair and it works well. I would like to have several longer combs for the top of my head which has longer hair.

  25. Thutrang Luu

    It was affordable, easy to use and lightweight.

  26. Shahen Tokhalyan

    This is a great product which I found on Amazon. The reviews were great so I decided to give it a try. Satisfied 100%

  27. Siegfredo Val M. Andrade, Jr

    It is my first Hair Clipper and I am loving it.

  28. Selim Misirlioglu

    Very reasonable price
    Friendly customer service
    High quality product

  29. Angela Koerner

    We were looking for a cordless and waterproof clippers set for the family. This looks like it will be perfect. So far everything looks good, but the oil wasn’t included in the box, which was a little disappointing. Overall, though, this looks like it will be great.

  30. Paul Davis

    I m learning to shape my hair and my grandsons 🙂

  31. Oscar espinoza

    The product works really well it leaves a good cut without pulling any hairs. Charges pretty quickly and the battery last a long time.

  32. Jiangbin Luo

    Nice hair clippers. Easy to use and powerful. Much better than the Braun ones we bought earlier.

  33. Brian Reyes

    It looks nice and sleek. Has nice quality. Works great. I like that it has different size hair clipper guards available.

  34. Brian R Loomis

    Nice product and a great price. Very easy to use as well.

  35. Gaetano Imbrogiano

    I like the clippers, they are very nice shaped, quite, and easy to charge, with a convenient addition visible battery level.

  36. Gordon Oakes

    Purchased product due to closure of salons secondary to COVID19 restrictions – waiting to see how my hair turns out when my wife cuts it.

  37. David Tseng

    Excited to use it. I haven’t gotten to cutting my hair yet, but I’d recommend the free gift activation to be later because not everyone will get to it that fast

  38. Canbolat Mahmutoglu

    It was easy to use. But, it was no easy to find a YouTube video giving the instructions.

  39. Cheri Guire

    Used them as soon as they came in. Cut my husband hair he’s in the Navy.

  40. Anthony Costanzo

    Int the package, it looked like there was a place for a small bottle of clipper oil, but it was missing, and the cape it came with was too small to fit around the neck.

  41. Grace Kim

    Was nice it was cordless and quieter than my old clippers especially for cutting kids hair

  42. Christi McCurry

    The clippers did an excellent job and we are very happy with the results.

  43. Johnny Anderson

    The clippers are easy to use and I like the digital indicator for the battery. The guards work well, my only issue is my order was missing the oil.

  44. john huyg

    not sure why you are forcing me to type 60 characters here but i will play along to get the blade oil gift as the set i recurved was missing that

  45. Britney Gray

    I just cut my 5 year old sons hair and it has been the fastest hair cut ever! Love these clippers!

  46. Samantha R Becker

    My husband and I both have thick hair and we’ve struggled to find clippers that didn’t jam up or lose a charge halfway through a shave. I’ve been looking for a better set since quarantine started and found these on Amazon; they had the features we need and great reviews, so I bought them.
    The battery came partially charged, which was nice. We cut each other’s hair today and were super impressed. Even without a guard, the clippers cut smoothly and quickly, and the battery never even stuttered. The motor is quiet, and while the blades got hot, it wasn’t painful (or even uncomfortable) against the scalp. So far, these are wonderful. And the cape was a nice addition.

  47. My Lam

    it’s powerful and working perfectly. Also, it’s not heavy!! I like it very much.

  48. Ashleigh Deener

    The Ceenwes clippers I chose do a great job. It xomes with many attachments, so there are many options for different haircuts and types.

  49. David McKay

    First time ever on my own haircut came out great. Only got because of Covid lockdown. May not go back to barber when they open.

  50. Christina McCall

    Just purchased these clippers on May 28th 2020. and received by June 3rd 2020.. First time using this brand. never heard of therm so thought I’d give them a try since since they’re cordless and they look very sleek . only issues I have was that my purchase did not come with the oil as shown in order purchase and It should have a protective cap for the blades..great reviews so I”m excited to use them. I also like that they’re not noisy which is great cause I have a son on the spectrum who doesn’t care for the loud noises.

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