Astronaut 1 Vacuum Grooming Kit

Your Pet Groomer at Home


Professional Pet Clippers

Quiet Safe Cordless Pet Clippers For Your Furry Friend

Our Customers Say

“The clipper is pre-charged and easy to use. It works smoothly for my haircut. The several different pushers make it quite easy to change the hair length. As a cordless clipper you are not limited to using it near a plug point. It’s worth the price!”


“This is a quality product with an affordable price. The trimmer is sturdy and comfortable. This kit is perfect for grooming your beard, manscaping, and for haircuts. Charging is simple and easy. The product even came pre-charged.”

Arthur Carvalho

” I ordered this clippers on Wednesday and got it on Thursday. They ship the product really fast. The box design itself is pretty fancy and I like that there is a pocket coming in. And the functionality of the clipper is the best among the same prices.”


“We needed a nice set at home to just trim our hair, and this works great! The set comes with all different size heads, some oil, a comb and the trimmers themselves. There is also a nice quality black bag to store everything in. Would definitely recommend!”

Aimee Purvayn

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We supply premium qualified high-end Pet Clippers with affordable prices.

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